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What’s in a name?

Published January 31, 2014 by Malia

Call me Malia.

No, seriously, I want you to.  That’s my name.  I happen to be one of those lucky few with a name that I actually like.  Scratch that.  I adore my name!  My name was selected carefully by my parents, and I’ve always loved how different and unique it is.  The year I was born, the most popular names for girl babies were names like Jennifer, Ashley, and Nicole (just to name a few).  While those names are fine and lovely, I always felt pretty special because I had such a wonderful name.

Today I had to call my dad at one of his jobs.  I told the receptionist my name, who I was, and who I was calling for.  In fact, I ended up saying my name twice.  Now, when she went to transfer my call, she said, “Okay, Maria, I’m going to put you on hold.”  Really?  I said my name twice, I have excellent enunciation, and it was a clear phone line.

Why do people have so much trouble with my name?

Growing up, I always had people telling me, “I just can’t ever seem to get your name right.”  My high school superintendent had to have me tell him the proper pronunciation at graduation rehearsal; because after 3.5 years of me being in his school, heavily involved in music and drama, he still had no idea how to say my name.

My name is always getting spelled strangely as well.  Meleah, Melea, Milia, and Maila are just a few of the versions.  And I’ve heard as many different pronunciations.  And yes, I realize that technically there are several different accepted pronunciations.

Last summer, I had one of the worst experiences with my name.  I had only been at my job a few months, and I had taken a specimen to another department.  The woman I took it to (who has since retired), asked me what my name was.

Me: Malia

Her: How do you spell that?

Me: M A L I A

Her: Oh, (this is how she pronounced it) Maul-ee-Uh

Me: (trying to remain calm and polite) *nervous laugh* Um…No…It’s (me pronouncing it) Muh-Lee-uh.

Serioulsy?  Who in their right mind does that?  If I tell you my name, I expect that you aren’t going to try to tell me how you think it should be pronounced.  If you tell me your name is pronounced Jenny, Phil, or Raxacoricofallapatorius, I’m going to accept that.  I won’t call you Genie, File, or Raslkdfjpqoiwfen.

It really does baffle me why it is such a challenge for people.  It’s five short letters, and it’s pretty easy to say.

So, if you’ve got a name people constantly butcher, let me just say, “I know those feels.”

My cat has a crush on Dean Winchester

Published January 30, 2014 by Malia

Okay, before your minds go completely into the gutter, let me explain.

This is my cat, Gracie…

Isn’t she just the prettiest little princess?

Technically, she’s actually the family cat.  And, then there are nights like tonight, where I came home from work, was tired and she did something gross and despite the fact that I’m a trained vet tech, I couldn’t deal with it, and so I locked myself in my room and was completely irresponsible and immature about the whole situation, because I seriously could not deal with anymore crap.  (Yes, tonight is also a night of bad grammar.  Part of the not being able to deal with anymore crap issue.)  Yeah, I didn’t really claim her as my cat tonight.

ANYWAY…back to my cat and her crush.

As long as we’ve owned her, we’ve noticed that Gracie has a proclivity towards being a little flirt.  When I brought a boy home, she flirted.  When a guy was replacing our windows, she pranced around and flirted.  Pretty much, if it’s male, she gets really adorable and does everything possible to get their attention.  If she was a human, it’s possible I’d despise her.  However, she’s pretty much the most adorable thing on four legs, so no risk of despising taking place.

We’ve noticed that while she always watched TV with us, she’s never more intent on the show than when we’re watching Supernatural and Dean is on the screen.  In case you have a life, and haven’t gotten sucked in, here’s what he looks like…

And here he is in one of my all time favorite videos…

I swear, if she could figure out how to get into the screen, she would climb onto his shoulder and never leave.  Silly little cat.

The Weird Things That Make Me Smile

Published January 29, 2014 by Malia

I’m kind of tired tonight, and it’s been a boring few days.  So, in lieu of actually writing, I’m going to share a number of things that never cease to make me smile.  Hopefully, if you’re feeling down, something I put up tonight will help raise your spirits.

First up, a music video that, to this day, I cannot explain what the people who put it together were thinking. The overall product is so delightfully bad, I can’t help but giggle.  (It’s kind of a shame it’s so bad, because David Hasselhoff actually has a pretty good voice.)

Still with me?  I didn’t scare you off?  Yay!

Next up, I give you the wonderful Tom Hiddleston hanging out with Cookie Monster…

Now, to delve into my favorites from imgur.

The importance of Elvish…

Spot the ghost:

This reminds me of the 1960’s Batman show, cause Batman always had words of advice for the youth about how to do things safely.  Plus, the comment is the most fantastic thing ever.


How I feel when I go to the art museum and weird, modern art is on display…

If you still need cheering up, here’s some random stuff that I’ve found on Pinterest that’s made me grin.

Spoilers for the next season of Game of Thrones

More Batman humor:


Normal people vs. Supernatural

It’s would’ve been shorter…

Poor Molly, she can’t win…

Proof that Sherlock is educational…

On to Star Wars

I’m not a Conan fan, but this is pretty fantastic:

Kind of self-explanatory:

A little Shakespeare…

Downton meets Austen:



Indeed, where was Gondor?

I can’t be the only who sings this when I read it…

More Hobbit than LOTR:

Should I ever get married, and the groom is willing, this will happen…



I think I’ll wrap up with some Doctor Who.





Anyone have an extra hundred grand just laying around?

Published January 27, 2014 by Malia

If you do, you could be the proud owner of this…

That’s right, boys and girls, you could own a piece of movie history.  It even comes with Raptor.

As of right now, it’s only $99,900.10.  Better put in your bids quick.

If that’s too expensive, for a mere $7,700 bid, you could own the mobile lab RV from The Lost World.

A Semi-Haunted House?

Published January 26, 2014 by Malia

Yesterday, I was at lunch, and the announcer on the radio said something about, “Want to own a semi-haunted house?  Check out so-and-so’s blog.”  I didn’t catch the name of the blog, but even now I’m baffled by the concept of a “semi-haunted house.”  How does that work exactly?  Are the ghosts working on a time-share system?  Does Jane Austen have the house this week?  Then after she leaves, will Ghengis Khan be staying for a month?

Also, does a semi-haunted house mean exorcisms are half price?

While I’m on the subject, think of all the title possibilities for the sure to be made “based on a true story” movie…

-Kind of Paranormal Activity

-The House on Did You Hear Something Hill

-Nightmare on El

-Friday the 12 1/2

-Ghost? Busters

-The Amityville Scare

And of course, my personal favorite: Polteriguess?

How do you feel?

Published January 25, 2014 by Malia

At the beginning of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, we see Spock retraining his brain on Vulcan.  The computer is running him through all these exercises, and then it stops and says, “How do you feel?”  Spock becomes quizzical and replies, “I do not understand the question.”  Spock’s mom then shows up and explains how being half-human means he has feelings.  This leads into a discussion about the illogical-ness of human feelings.  

And then Spock and his friends go back to 1984 to get some whales.  

I’m  ashamed to admit it, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit numb.  Okay, that’s an understatement.  I am numb.  It’s been coming on gradually, and it’s really been the last two days that I’ve noticed how numb I’ve gotten (I’m not really sure how long this has been going on, either.  I do know it’s been a long time since I truly felt anything.). Emotion-wise, I literally feel nothing.  I don’t feel happy, or sad, or sympathetic, or anything that I should be feeling.  In fact, when I get into situations where I need to show some sort of emotion, I find myself mentally saying, “This is a sad situation.  Be sad.  Remember sadness?  You need to act like you feel that way right now.” 

Unfortunately, I think my brain is just wired wrong.  No matter what emotion I tell myself I should at least act like I’m feeling, the completely wrong one makes an appearance.  As of right now, I’m sure that there are probably some who think I need to be locked up in the loony bin.  Normal people don’t smile when they talk about how a family member has just died (y’know, unless the dead family member was horrible, which hasn’t been the case regarding my dead family members).  

I wasn’t always this way.  I used to feel emotions.  I used to care.  The thing is, it’s been a brutal ten years.  Ever since March of 2004, for every moment of happiness, there’s been overwhelming heartbreak (and yes, I know some of it has been my own fault, and I’ll gladly take responsibility for it, but quite a bit of it hasn’t).  I think I’ve been trying to defend against further heartbreak by giving myself an emotional lobotomy.  If I can’t feel, then I can’t be hurt anymore, right?  I know it’s a bad way to handle things, and completely immature.

 Fortunately, I never said I was mature.

 However, I am interested in remaining a member of the human race.  Which means, like Spock, I must rediscover my humanity.  Because, like Spock, when the end of the movie comes, I would like to be able to say, “Tell her…I feel fine.”  

The eyes are the what of the face?

Published January 23, 2014 by Malia

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking about anatomy.  The stuff on the inside makes sense to me (liver, kidneys, brain, heart, etc…).  There’s a purpose to all of it, and it all looks pretty cool, too.  Then I got to thinking about all the parts of our bodies that are actually visible.  Which led to me sending the following text to one of my best friends:

“Nipples are weird.  Basically we’ve all got these little buttons made of flesh.  Doesn’t that seem weird?”

The reply?  “Have you been drinking?  That is so random…haha.”

I hadn’t been drinking, but the point remains that I find the whole concept of nipples to be really bizarre.  Sure, they serve a purpose as far as nursing goes.  However, if you’re not nursing, they end up just being these weird, almost mole-like protrusions on your chest.  And almost everyone on the planet has them.  (I’m assuming that there are people that are born without them.)  That’s weird, right?

Also, I’m thinking that I don’t appreciate my friends nearly enough.  Only the truly awesome friends will still acknowledge they know you even after they receive text messages contemplating the purposes of various parts of anatomy.

No Regrets

Published January 22, 2014 by Malia

Today, I was sitting at work thinking about how weird I find it that some people swear up and down that they have no regrets.  Really?  Nothing?  They really expect me to believe that there’s nothing that they look back on and think, “Yeah, probably should have done that differently”?  

I have my fair share of regrets.  They’re all things I’ve learned from, but I can’t help looking back at them and feeling sadness, guilt, and/or disappointment.  Things I wish I had done differently, things I wish I would have said (or in some cases, not said).  

Thinking on all this, I then started wondering, if you say you have no regrets, does that mean that you haven’t learned anything from your life experiences?  Why is it such a bad thing to have regrets?  I think it’s bad to brood and stew over something that you can’t change, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to regret said thing.  Seems like it would be better to be someone who regrets and learns and becomes a better person; than someone who blows everything off, learns nothing,  and forever remains shallow and self-centered. 

I Think The Weather Needs Some Mood Stabilizers

Published January 21, 2014 by Malia

The weather over the last 24 hours has been truly bizarre.  Last night, I was able to sleep with my windows open.  Tonight, I’m wondering if I should use my Pac-Man blanket along with my TARDIS blanket.  The day was fairly nice when I went to work, but in the middle of my shift it suddenly got very dark (like it does before a thunderstorm) and there was a large amount of snow getting blown around.  When my shift ended there was no snow, but the temperature had dropped to near zero.  By the end of the week it’s supposed to be back up in the forties.

And, I’ve now achieved the lowest point of blogging.  I’ve actually started a post dedicated to the weather.  Okay, maybe not the lowest point, but not one of my best.  I guess I’m feeling a little frustrated tonight.  No guessing about it, I am feeling frustrated.

I love my job, and I would be devastated without it.  It’s one of the few jobs I’ve ever had that I’ve actually enjoyed.  Physically, it’s not a difficult job.  Mentally, though, it’s exhausting.  I spend over 8 hours a day doing my best to be 100% accurate.  I read and match names and dates and tests and tubes all day long.  By the end of my shift my brain is usually working on the same level as those stupid “Doge” memes.  (Very tired.  Much thirsty.  Such driving.  If you don’t think that makes sense, you’re right.)

What’s frustrating me is the fact that by the time I hit the weekend, I’ve got about enough energy to sit in a quiet room and make a scarf while watching PBS.  I’m young!  I’m healthy!  I hate that I seem to be turning into the little old spinster lady (complete with cat).

I don’t know that there’s really any point to this meandering post, and I’m not sure how it went from boring to depressing so quickly.  I guess I just needed to get it out there in the universe.



I’m Starting To Think The Helicopter Monkey Theory Is Not That Far-Fetched

Published January 19, 2014 by Malia

Last summer at the San Diego Comic Con, the following video was shown:

As you can see, the survival of the fall was “explained.”

We Sherlock fans are one of the most patient fan groups on the planet.  Okay, maybe patient is the wrong word, but it’s pretty amazing how long we will wait  for the next three episodes.  And was the wait worth it?

Oh, yes!  (Imagine I said that in my best David Tennant impression.)

So, here is what I loved:

-The humor.  This was definitely the funniest Sherlock I’ve ever seen.

-Mary.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like her, but it was instant love.  She’s such a good fit with both John and Sherlock.  Also, I think it’s really cool that she’s Martin Freeman’s wife in real life.

-Molly.  Awe, all the Molly kisses!  I’ve always loved Molly, mostly because she’s so sweet and always seems to pick the wrong guy.  (Side note: Is her new guy gay, or was there something I was missing?  I just assumed he was, and it was a moment they were using to show how much Sherlock had changed since he called Moriarty out when the creep was with Molly.)

-The writing.

-The scenes where Sherlock is going to his friends so they know he’s alive.

-Trading out a menu for an identical menu.


One final thought; can someone explain to me what was going on when there was the flash and then Sherlock was explaining how he survived to Anderson?  Was this something he was telling John, and we were just seeing what Sherlock was remembering?  I’m used to the show being a bit trippy.  It’s something I genuinely enjoy about the show, but I am genuinely confused about what was happening.

P.S.  On a completely different note, can someone please give Joanne Froggatt all the awards for the brilliant job she’s doing with her role as Anna on Downton?  She’s been absolutely brilliant, and had me in tears.