What is this?

Remember 2012? A simpler time, a gentler time. A time when I decided to start a blog. I actually created the blog in 2011, but everything I wrote was terrible, so I ended up deleting all my content. I was living in the frozen northern wastelands of North Dakota, and I felt I needed a way to communicate to the folks back home in Nebraska how I was doing. Hence the title NE to ND. Quite literally, Nebraska to North Dakota.

And then I moved back to Nebraska, and it seemed pointless to keep that as the title. The more I looked at the address the more I noticed it looked like Any Second. Hence what the blog morphed into. Any Second Now.

I’m Malia. Wife. Nerd. Pet Mom.

Nice to meet you!

6 comments on “What is this?

  • I am so thoroughly enjoying your postings:) It has been delightful to discover you last week, and to read your articles from most recent going backwards (because that was the only way I knew how to do it, not knowing how to work
    my I-phone yet) I have been so glad to see your serendipitous discovery of a kindred spirit (e.g., “The Boyfriend!”) at a time when you were least expecting anything like that to happen. Made me think of the word “suddenly” —- as in, when God moves, it’s almost always prefaced by “Suddenly…” (:) I think that a lot of the really wonderful things that happen in our lives occur “suddenly”, just like you and your young man have found. Sending you lots of love and support :). From Mary Jane Sepmeier, in Ada, Oklahoma.

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