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My cat has a crush on Dean Winchester

Published January 30, 2014 by Malia

Okay, before your minds go completely into the gutter, let me explain.

This is my cat, Gracie…

Isn’t she just the prettiest little princess?

Technically, she’s actually the family cat.  And, then there are nights like tonight, where I came home from work, was tired and she did something gross and despite the fact that I’m a trained vet tech, I couldn’t deal with it, and so I locked myself in my room and was completely irresponsible and immature about the whole situation, because I seriously could not deal with anymore crap.  (Yes, tonight is also a night of bad grammar.  Part of the not being able to deal with anymore crap issue.)  Yeah, I didn’t really claim her as my cat tonight.

ANYWAY…back to my cat and her crush.

As long as we’ve owned her, we’ve noticed that Gracie has a proclivity towards being a little flirt.  When I brought a boy home, she flirted.  When a guy was replacing our windows, she pranced around and flirted.  Pretty much, if it’s male, she gets really adorable and does everything possible to get their attention.  If she was a human, it’s possible I’d despise her.  However, she’s pretty much the most adorable thing on four legs, so no risk of despising taking place.

We’ve noticed that while she always watched TV with us, she’s never more intent on the show than when we’re watching Supernatural and Dean is on the screen.  In case you have a life, and haven’t gotten sucked in, here’s what he looks like…

And here he is in one of my all time favorite videos…

I swear, if she could figure out how to get into the screen, she would climb onto his shoulder and never leave.  Silly little cat.