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Burritos Solve Nothing

Published September 5, 2012 by Malia

My first test of the semester is tomorrow morning.  I’m really struggling to keep calm about it.  I’m do lousy when it comes to tests.  I always study and know the material, but the moment I sit down and look at the test, it may as well have been written in Chinese.  It’s in Spanish, so we’ll see.  I’m just hoping that I can remember something beyond the alphabet and how to count to cien.

I finally got enough courage to speak up in my British Lit class today.  To say that this class intimidates me would be an understatement.  I’m not sure that I really said anything that deep or important, but at least no one laughed and the professor didn’t say I was wrong.  I love the class.  I feel like I’m learning so much.  I just wish I wasn’t so intimidated.

Tonight, Taco Bell’s Facebook status is, “There’s no cure for a broken heart.  But burritos can help.”  Apart from the fact that it’s bugging me that they used “But” like that, I’m finding it interesting how much this coincides with some thoughts I’m having regarding relationships.  Sometimes, I really have to wonder why it is that some people get to be in relationships and others don’t.  I’ve seen people who really want to be in relationships get passed over time and time again.  People who would be great at the whole relationship thing.  People who want to commit and have kids.  I’ve seen this happen with guys and gals.  There’s really no explanation for it.  On the other hand, I’ve seen people who are miserable and in relationships that they won’t get out of simply because they don’t want to be alone.  This whole thing seems so messed up.


Published August 27, 2012 by Malia

I’ve always been a literal person.  I can figure out the symbolism of something if that’s what’s required, but usually I approach things I read from a literal point of view.  This makes taking lit classes interesting.

This weekend the assignment for my Brit Lit class was to read Caedmon’s Hymn  and do a short writing assignment about it.  I did the reading and writing, and when class time came I felt fairly ready for class.  During class, there was discussion about the reading, and our teacher asked who Caedmon was.  My first thought was, “Illiterate Cowherd,” because according to the text that’s how he was described.  I didn’t say this, though, because I figured it wasn’t a deep enough answer.  One of my classmates raised her hand and proceeded to start to say, “I wrote about how he was a sub-human…” (this isn’t an exact quote, but she definitely said sub-human).  She was interrupted by our teacher re-asking the question.  Turned out, our teacher actually wanted the answer that he was a cowherd.

I guess this means it’s not always a bad thing to take things literally.

Mi escuela es dificil

Published August 23, 2012 by Malia

Actually, school isn’t that bad.  I’m feeling slightly panicky, but I keep taking deep breaths and telling myself it’s not as scary as it seems.  I’m not very good at adjusting to new changes and I usually end up running away.  Even if they’re for the positive (a small part of the reason I’m so delightfully single).

So, I have a confession.  I will probably take a few weeks to get into the swing of this new schedule and a routine down for my homework.  This means that my weekend posts will continue much like the posts up until now, but my weekday posts will be short and sweet, and probably contain a video that I’m currently loving.

Tonight’s video is a very cool one that I’ve listened to several times this week.  It just makes me happy.  I love that while there is some singing, the focus is the piano.

De Nada

Published August 21, 2012 by Malia

This morning saw my re-entry into the world of Spanish.  Naturally, I was nervous.  It’s been ten years since I was required to say anything in Spanish.  I think it’s starting to slowly come back.  I had one moment in class that brought up a memory that I hadn’t thought of in years.  My teacher didn’t have a pen with her, and since I was sitting in the front row and had a pen readily available, I offered her mine.  When she took it she said, “Gracias.”  To which I replied, “De nada.” and I was suddenly awash with the memory of how I learned that phrase.

Back, many years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth, I took my first Spanish class.  Unlike so many people, I had an amazing Spanish teacher.  She was fun, easy going, unconventional, and just plain awesome.  (My teacher here reminds me quite a bit of her.)  Anyway, school had been in session for a few weeks, and one day I was in the hall in front of  the Spanish classroom.  I was talking with a friend and she said, “Gracias” to me.  I started to say, “You’re welcome,” but noticing my Spanish teacher standing there, I asked her how to say it in Spanish.  She said, “De nada,” and it just kind of stuck in my brain.

I hope that when I become a teacher I can be at least somewhat as awesome!

Morbid Jelly Beans

Published August 20, 2012 by Malia

My room is mostly put together.  I still haven’t gotten my desktop computer up and running, but otherwise things are going okay.  When I was unloading the van last night I felt like I had a ton of stuff with me, but looking around, I don’t think I really brought that much.  It just happened that the stuff I brought took up much packing space.  I brought a few things that remind me of home, including some things that I pulled when we were going through Grampa’s remaining belongings.  Included was a glass “Jelly Belly” jar.  Inside the jar are a few remaining “Jelly Belly” jelly beans that he never got eaten.  Mom asked me if I’d gotten a refill for the jar, and I said, “No, I’ve just got these sad little morbid jelly beans sitting here.”  I find it slightly odd to think about those things that hold memories of others for us.

Classes start tomorrow.  I’ve got a fun morning of Spanish and Modern Grammar.  I’m not incredibly worried, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous.  The last time I took any Spanish was my junior year of high school, most notably remembered for the fact that A. I had to have all my wisdom teeth out that year, and more importantly B. 9/11 happened during my fall semester.  I’ve heard excellent things about my teacher, so I’m really looking forward to remembering and improving my Spanish.  I’m not sure how to feel about Modern Grammar.  I’m glad I’m not stuck in archaic grammar, but I’m really hoping modern doesn’t mean I’m going to have to unlearn everything I learned years ago.  Once upon a time I really excelled at grammar, and while I still remember the basics, I’ve gotten lazy over the years.

I’m hoping my cable to plug my television into the campus cable comes tomorrow.  I figured that even though I don’t want to watch tv ad naseum, I have a tv, and I’m paying for campus cable via my student fees (there’s no way to opt out of the cable as far as I know), so I might as well make use of the “free” cable.  (Side note: I find it interesting how things get presented as being “free,” when really all free means is that you’re not paying out of pocket at this moment.)

The truly bright and shining moment of today was the return of Taco in a Bag.  Last year I was introduced to the concept, and while initially I thought it weird, and that it looked kind of nauseating, it’s also kind of addictive.  It was just as good as I remembered, and I took it as a positive sign that this is going to be a year of excellence.