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That takes a special kind of stupid…

Published May 5, 2013 by Malia

This morning I awoke bright and early to the fact that the smoke detector was going off in the condo across the hall from ours.  Normally, one would assume that the neighbors had burned toast, or something like that.  However, our neighbors don’t currently live in their condo.  They’ve been trying to sell it for a couple of years now, and our building has been put through quite the “fun” experience of people they’ve rented the unit to.  So, anyway, currently there are no renters and the owners aren’t living there so the unit is empty.

Well, earlier this week, I noticed that the owners must have been in because they had left all the condo lights on and a fan running in one of the rooms (they had the blinds open, and those windows face the parking lot, kind of hard not to notice when you’re walking into the building).  Never saw any evidence that the owners had returned, but every night when I got home from work the lights were still on and the fan was still running.  Personally, I found it to be a rude waste of electricity, but some people just don’t care.

Anyway, the smoke alarm was going off, and even though the door and wall weren’t hot, there was a strong smell of smoke.  We couldn’t decide if this was the smell of cigarette smoke or of fire smoke.  So, after consulting with one of the head honchos of the condo association, dad called 9-1-1.  He told the fire department what was going on, and told them that we really weren’t certain if there was a fire or not, but we had no way to get in and find out.  The fire department said they’d send someone over.

Not only did they send one truck, but because the condo is on the 3rd floor, they sent the ladder truck as well.




It was quite thrilling, but wait, the thrills had only just started.

I had actually retreated to my room, working under the theory that mom would come get me if we were all going to die (I’d thrown on actual clothes by this point, if I was going to die a fiery death, I wasn’t going to do it in my jammies).  The migraine from last night was still causing pain, and I just wanted to sleep.  A few minutes passed and then I heard:




The only thing missing was Sheldon saying, “Penny?” in between each “Thud.”  It was quite impressive; each thud actually resounded throughout the condo.  Only afterwards did I learn that one of the firemen had actually kicked part of the door in.  I’m quite disappointed that I missed seeing that.   However, I did manage to get a photo of the aftermath:



In case you’re wondering, here’s how the door would look (minus the decorations) had it not been kicked in:


Anyway, it turned out there was no fire.  Best that the firefighters could figure, apparently our neighbors were in painting and the pain fumes built up inside the closed unit and set off the smoke detector.  I guess that’s why they left the fan running.  No clue why they left the lights on, other than simple irresponsibility and stupidity.

Moral of the story: apparently paint fumes will set off your smoke detector.

2nd Moral of the story: If you abuse your electricity usage, your door will get kicked apart by awesome firemen!

Also, I can’t help but have today’s events remind me of one of the greatest movie speeches ever:

Random Saturday Musings

Published May 4, 2013 by Malia

-I find it weird how I constantly run into things.  If there’s a wall or door or trash can or cabinet or anything other than air around me, I’m likely to run right into it.  Then, of course, the bruises don’t show up for days, and by the time they do I have no memory of what exactly I ran into to cause said bruise.  So bizarre.

-So, more than one co-worker has mentioned to me that I need to lighten up.  I have no idea how to go about this.  It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, I do.  I’m just hesitant to laugh about things until I truly know someone.  Plus, many years ago I used to laugh all the time, then someone told me it was too easy to make me laugh, and apparently I thought that was a challenge.  On top of that, I love my job so much, and I’m terrified of doing something that could be construed negatively, and make them decide to take my job away from me.  I love where I am and what I’m doing.

-I’m so pumped that summer movie season is finally here!  Ironman, Star Trek, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, and a handful of other things that I can’t even think of are all in the process of opening and I’m super excited!

-I don’t know how it happened, but I truly am loving being single.  I’m not anti-relationships or anything, although I think God will have to put a flashing neon sign above the head of my future husband that says something like, “This one.  He’s not too bad.  You could do way worse.”

-I truly enjoyed Jurassic Park 3D.  It is a film that translates quite well to the 3D medium, and lawyers should always get eaten in 3D.

-I wish I wasn’t such an introverted chicken.  I really wanted to go to Krypton Comics for free comic book day, but I was too freaked out by the idea of going.

-My head is starting to head back to migraine land, so I’m going to wrap it up here for now.

Friday Night Questions

Published May 4, 2013 by Malia

-Can someone please explain to me why Adventure Time is such a popular show?

-Is there a way to tell if you’re being poisoned with carbon monoxide?

-Has the White Witch invaded, and thrown us into a 100 year winter?

-Who else is excited for Monster’s University?

-Is it weird that I get random urges to build with Legos, even though I have no Legos?

-Can we all agree that Clara is simply fantastic, and she should stay on Who for the next few years?


Published May 3, 2013 by Malia

No, I’m not moving.  However, my Mugshot Monday posts are!  After much careful consideration, I’ve decided to give my weight loss journey it’s own blog.  This, however will remain my main blog (so keep coming here and reading this one).  It just occurred to me that as much as I’m struggling to lose, I’m sure there are plenty of others out there in the same boat, so why not share the nitty gritty of my struggle?   I’m currently setting up the new blog, and you should totally check it out when it goes live, later today!  Here’s the address:

Alright, I’m off to finish making it pretty 😉