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I’m Starting To Think The Helicopter Monkey Theory Is Not That Far-Fetched

Published January 19, 2014 by Malia

Last summer at the San Diego Comic Con, the following video was shown:

As you can see, the survival of the fall was “explained.”

We Sherlock fans are one of the most patient fan groups on the planet.  Okay, maybe patient is the wrong word, but it’s pretty amazing how long we will wait  for the next three episodes.  And was the wait worth it?

Oh, yes!  (Imagine I said that in my best David Tennant impression.)

So, here is what I loved:

-The humor.  This was definitely the funniest Sherlock I’ve ever seen.

-Mary.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like her, but it was instant love.  She’s such a good fit with both John and Sherlock.  Also, I think it’s really cool that she’s Martin Freeman’s wife in real life.

-Molly.  Awe, all the Molly kisses!  I’ve always loved Molly, mostly because she’s so sweet and always seems to pick the wrong guy.  (Side note: Is her new guy gay, or was there something I was missing?  I just assumed he was, and it was a moment they were using to show how much Sherlock had changed since he called Moriarty out when the creep was with Molly.)

-The writing.

-The scenes where Sherlock is going to his friends so they know he’s alive.

-Trading out a menu for an identical menu.


One final thought; can someone explain to me what was going on when there was the flash and then Sherlock was explaining how he survived to Anderson?  Was this something he was telling John, and we were just seeing what Sherlock was remembering?  I’m used to the show being a bit trippy.  It’s something I genuinely enjoy about the show, but I am genuinely confused about what was happening.

P.S.  On a completely different note, can someone please give Joanne Froggatt all the awards for the brilliant job she’s doing with her role as Anna on Downton?  She’s been absolutely brilliant, and had me in tears.


Wherein I make my Oscar picks based solely on the trailers~Week 1: The Short Films

Published January 18, 2014 by Malia

First, the word “wherein” is a very fun word to say.  Try it.

Second, you all now know that I’m weird enough that I will use words simply based upon the amount of fun I have saying them.

And now, for my actual post…

I know it’s silly and shallow, but I genuinely enjoy the movie award season.  There’s something fun about watching famous people get dressed up, act like they like other famous people, and then give out awards to each other.

Now, lot’s of people watch the movies, and carefully make their picks for who will win the Academy Award in various categories.  I’m not usually given to that kind of dedication.  I usually make a guess based off of what I’ve heard about the films and the performances.  This year, I feel like I’ve barely seen anything, and I’ve heard even less.  So, I thought it would be fun to make my picks (and also try to figure out the plot) based solely upon watching the trailers.  If nothing else, it’ll be entertaining.

This week, I’m hitting the short film categories.  I’m a terrible picker when it comes to short films, usually what I think is an award winner barely gets any attention paid to it.

Best Short Film, Live Action

1. Aquel No Era Yo

Child soldiers, dialogue in a foreign language, all taking place in a war zone.

2.  Just Before Losing Everything

This is in French, but fortunately the trailer had subtitles so I had a clue as to what was going on.  From what it looks like a woman and her children (?) are on the run from her husband(?).

3.  Helium

Okay, I’m starting to wonder if any of these short films are in English.  That aside, thank heavens for subtitles.  From what I can tell, a very sick kid is being told about the magical land of Helium by his dad.

4..  Do I Have To Take Care Of Everything?

From what I saw in the 30 second trailer, it appears to be a film about the frustration that moms/wives feel about the face that if they don’t do something, it won’t get done.

5.  The Voorman Problem

It’s in English!  It has Martin Freeman!  Apparently, it’s about a prisoner who thinks he’s God.

What I Think Will Win

It’s hard to make a decision like this based on a trailer for a short film, mostly because some of these films aren’t much longer than a regular film trailer.  Still, based on the little content I saw, I’m expecting the winner to be Aquel No Era Yo.  

What I Would Like To Win

Out of the five, only two caught my attention enough that I actually want to see the films they were advertising.  Helium is absolutely beautiful.  I know it will be heartbreaking, but the visual was stunning.  The Voorman Problem has the draw of Martin Freeman.  Really hard to go wrong with something he’s in.  Plus, the trailer was quite humorous.  If anything, it’s a really dark comedy.

Best Short Film, Animated

1.  Feral

A serious exploration of the question, “Were you raised by wolves?”

2.  Get A Horse

Mickey Mouse goes for a hayrack ride.

3.  Mr. Hublot

Either he’s a robot or he’s a wacky inventor.  24 seconds made it difficult to decide.

4.  Possessions

This film has three titles that I could find, and I have absolutely no clue what was going on in the trailer.  There was lightening, beat up parasols, a frog like creature, and a dragon.  I think this is one I would have to see completely to be able to give a decent recounting of the plot.

5.  Room On The Broom

A witch and her cat go for a ride on her broom.  Also, at some point, there is a dragon and a dog.  Honestly, it holds no interest for me, and based on what I saw I’m surprised it got a nomination.  Hopefully, the film was better than it’s trailer.

What I Think Will Win

I’m definitely leaning towards Feral.  The trailer was super trippy, but the art was fascinating.

What I Would Like To Win

Either Mr. Hublot or Feral.  Both looked incredibly well done, and out of the five were the only ones that really caught my eye.