No Regrets

Published January 22, 2014 by Malia

Today, I was sitting at work thinking about how weird I find it that some people swear up and down that they have no regrets.  Really?  Nothing?  They really expect me to believe that there’s nothing that they look back on and think, “Yeah, probably should have done that differently”?  

I have my fair share of regrets.  They’re all things I’ve learned from, but I can’t help looking back at them and feeling sadness, guilt, and/or disappointment.  Things I wish I had done differently, things I wish I would have said (or in some cases, not said).  

Thinking on all this, I then started wondering, if you say you have no regrets, does that mean that you haven’t learned anything from your life experiences?  Why is it such a bad thing to have regrets?  I think it’s bad to brood and stew over something that you can’t change, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to regret said thing.  Seems like it would be better to be someone who regrets and learns and becomes a better person; than someone who blows everything off, learns nothing,  and forever remains shallow and self-centered. 

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