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A Semi-Haunted House?

Published January 26, 2014 by Malia

Yesterday, I was at lunch, and the announcer on the radio said something about, “Want to own a semi-haunted house?  Check out so-and-so’s blog.”  I didn’t catch the name of the blog, but even now I’m baffled by the concept of a “semi-haunted house.”  How does that work exactly?  Are the ghosts working on a time-share system?  Does Jane Austen have the house this week?  Then after she leaves, will Ghengis Khan be staying for a month?

Also, does a semi-haunted house mean exorcisms are half price?

While I’m on the subject, think of all the title possibilities for the sure to be made “based on a true story” movie…

-Kind of Paranormal Activity

-The House on Did You Hear Something Hill

-Nightmare on El

-Friday the 12 1/2

-Ghost? Busters

-The Amityville Scare

And of course, my personal favorite: Polteriguess?