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May the Fourth Be With You…

Published May 4, 2021 by Malia

Yesterday, I stopped at the post office to get some fun stamps because I’m going to try something called Postcrossing. One of the fun parts of Postcrossing (at least, as I understand it) is fun stamps, so I picked up a set of Scooby Doo stamps and Hot Wheel stamps. I was wearing one of my many Grogu (I still call him Baby Yoda, but I grudgingly acknowledge they did finally name him) masks. The very nice lady working the counter took notice and mentioned that there were Star Wars stamps being released today. She said they would likely go fast. So, at 8 a.m., I marched my butt in and bought these:

I fully expected to see droids like BB-8 and R2-D2, but I was so excited when I saw Chopper. If you’ve not watched Rebels, I highly recommend it. Although, you really need to watch the Clone Wars series first. And yes, they’re both animated shows, but just because something is animated doesn’t mean it doesn’t tell a good story. Plus, if you’ve watched Mandalorian and didn’t know:

-Why the Darksaber is important.

-Who Ahsoka Tano is.

-Who Bo Katan is.

You need to watch Clone Wars and Rebels. There’s just so much story and it’s so well told.

I’ll be spending today watching all the Star Wars I can while I make postcards and greeting cards. I know I can’t make it through the whole saga in one day, so this will likely be a weeklong venture.

The only movie I may skip is Rogue One. I’ve only seen it once, and that was in the theater. It’s a really good movie, but I had a really hard time with it. It gave me a panic attack, and I’ve never had any desire to try watching it again. I can’t explain why it set me off without spoiling the movie, but if you really want to know feel free to ask.

On a completely separate note, I now have all of my meds refilled (I’ve been out of 75% of them for the last few days). So, I should be returning to a better headspace soon. And my blood sugar numbers should start dropping to manageable levels.

Enjoy your May Fourth!

The important thing is that I got out of bed.

Published April 29, 2021 by Malia

I don’t have much in me today. It’s definitely one of those days where my biggest accomplishments are that I got out of bed, put on pants, and ate breakfast. Instead of writing today, I’m going to put up cute pictures of my dog.


Look at her little tongue while she was sleeping! Just the cutest ūüėć
“I am a Jedi, like my father before me.”
Groot in her crime boss mode. She likes wandering around holding her chew like it’s a cigar.


Published January 1, 2020 by Malia

During my twenties, every January 1st was spent marathoning the entire extended Lord of the Rings. While it is possible to do in one sitting, now that I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve discovered it’s also super exhausting. Then, I turned 30, and the tradition changed.

Tom and I had been together almost a year. We were engaged, and it was our first New Year’s Eve. I worked that night, but was done around nine or ten. I drove to Tom’s. He got a bunch of pizza and we sat up half the night eating and playing Diablo 3. Since then, every New Year’s Eve we’ve gotten pizza and played Diablo. Nothing like ringing in the new year by slaying hordes of demons.

This year, tradition shifted. Last night, we went out on New Year’s Eve. Nothing super fancy. Taco Bell and Star Wars. I’ve had a nasty respiratory infection, so it was both super fun and incredibly exhausting.

Today, I’m keeping quiet. Trying to continue getting better. So, we’re doing pizza, Diablo, and rewatching the Clone Wars series. Again, it’s nothing exciting, but it is pleasant and a lovely way to start the new year.

We’ve Lost Our Princess

Published December 28, 2016 by Malia

When I was five, I wanted Princess Leia to be my mom.  She was gorgeous, funny, and kicked butt.  She spoke her mind, and didn’t let anyone bully her (we all saw what happened to Jabba).  On top of all this, she was a princess!  Five-year-old me was pretty sure she didn’t need much more to recommend her for the position.  However, the role of “mother” was already filled in my house, so all I could do was dream about the mother I’d never have.

When I was in junior high, I read an article in Time and learned that Carrie Fisher had a daughter.  I was secretly jealous of Billie Lourd.  Her mom was Princess Leia, the coolest woman in the world!  She was clearly the luckiest kid on the planet.

It’s been a very long time since I wished to have a space princess mom.  I got older.  I discovered that my real mom was basically Wonder Woman (always saving the day, and loving me more than I deserved), and that in the real world, Princess Leia wasn’t quite so perfect.

Carrie Fisher was a very funny lady, and a fantastic writer.  She did what is so hard to do.  She wrote about the things she struggled with, and did it honestly and beautifully.  I’ve read her memoirs and laughed ’til I cried as I read stories that made my problems seem so small and my life seem so normal.  Without her writing, we wouldn’t know that George Lucas firmly believed that there was no underwear in space.  (I truly wonder what NASA has to say about this.)

Carrie Fisher would’ve made a terrible mom for me.  However, she gave me (and the rest of the world) Princess Leia, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

Did you know they keep the nuclear wessels in Alameda?

Published September 8, 2016 by Malia

Guys, look what I found at the bookstore today!


It’s a novel that’s a sequel to my all-time favorite¬†Trek movie (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)! ¬†I didn’t even know this book existed, and I stumbled across it by accident. ¬†How awesome is that?!? ¬†I’m hoping that this novel will answer some questions I’ve always had. ¬†Questions like: Where did the probe come from? ¬†What did it and the whales say to each other? ¬†Did the whale scientist from 1984 thrive in the future, or did it all turn out really bad for her? ¬†Also, did the whales survive in the future, or was it too much of a shock to their system?

It’s crazy that¬†Star Trek is 50 today. ¬†I feel really fortunate that I grew up with a mom that loved¬†Star Trek¬†(and a dad that loved¬†Star Wars). ¬†When I was really little, it started when I was two or three, I would sit on my dad’s foot and when he would try to walk I’d gleefully announce that I was a Klingon. ¬†Okay, I didn’t quite understand the concept of alien races when I was that young, but I was convinced that they were called Klingons because they clung on to other people. ¬†I agree, my brain is an odd place…

Last year, when the boy and I took a mini-honeymoon we fulfilled a bucket list item of mine:


Look at that, I had my own personal Redshirt with me.

Happy Anniversary, Star Trek, may you continue to teach the importance of using your brain, being a compassionate, tolerant human, and making me wish I had access to a holodeck.

Toe Story

Published January 10, 2016 by Malia

Gather ’round, dear children, and listen to the wondrous story of how 2015 went out with a whimper (and by whimper, I mean several colorful metaphor filled screams). ¬†Join me, now in the Wayback Machine, as we travel to the long ago day of 12/30/2015…

(I know it’s a crazy long time ago, but just bear with me…)

December 30th was not a fantastic day.  We were short staffed, and I found myself attempting to be 2.5 people.  Since Kamino has all of my clones on backorder, being 2.5 people proved to be a little impossible.  However, I was determined to prove that I could do it all, and be absolutely awesome in the process.

I couldn’t.

Not quite three hours into my shift, I found myself needing to be in two separate rooms at the same time. ¬†I thought that if I just walked a little faster than normal, I could take care of the problem in room B, and get back to room A ¬†without an absurd amount of time passing. ¬†As I power-walked around a corner, I lost my footing. ¬†I went down, hard, and as I went down, I felt my shoe go flying off my foot. ¬†Before it completely came off, the edge of it caught around one of my toes and twisted. ¬†I felt something pop, but I didn’t have time to stop and deal. ¬†Grabbing my shoe, I stood up, tried to take a step, and promptly decided that walking is completely overrated. ¬†Hobbling the twenty feet back to room A, I became worried that I had broken my toe.

Because it was a workplace accident, after I completed a pile (translation: two pages) of paperwork I found myself at the doctor’s office. ¬†The doctor’s office my work sends people to is a facility that deals with workplace accidents and pre-employment drug screens. ¬†I sat in the waiting room, surrounded by a lot of people who really needed to pee.

After the doctor took a look at my toe, he sent in a nurse to take me to get x-rays. ¬†I was in a shockingly severe amount of pain, and at a point that I really couldn’t put any weight on my foot without wanting to scream. ¬†I asked the nurse if it would be okay if I hopped on one foot to the x-ray suite. ¬†Fortunately, the x-ray suite was only two doors down. ¬†Unfortunately, it was all in full view of the entire waiting room. ¬†I’m sincerely hoping that the sight of me hoping on one foot brightened the day of those 30-ish people.

The good news? ¬†I didn’t break my toe. ¬†The bad news? ¬†I sprained it, and nearly two weeks later it still hurts quite a bit. ¬†(Also, as someone who tries to avoid going to the doctor, this is by far the most ridiculous reason I have ever found myself at the doctor.) I had no idea a sprain could hurt this bad. ¬†Probably doesn’t help that I’m super clumsy and have managed to bash my injured toe into something almost every single day. ¬†The boy has pretty much stopped asking, “What did you do now?” and now-when he hears me scream-just says, “Awe, babe…” while shaking his head.

And that concludes the story of how my toe is teaching me to slow down and just try to be me (not me and 1.5 other versions of me).

Thoughts I’m Having Currently…Part 1

Published December 18, 2015 by Malia

1. If I sit almost completeky still, and only move my fingers, my pain level is only about a four. 

2.  Waiting for the doctor’s office to call with lab results is a sucky nightmare.



He’s fast asleep, pinning my legs, which helps a lot with that whole sitting still thing.

4.  Star Wars tomorrow.  if you don’t like Star Wars, I feel sad for you, but won’t stop liking you.  (but I may start practicing Jedi skills in your direction…”You want to watch Star Wars…You will like Star Wars…“)

5.  Typing a post out on my phone isn’t terribly easy, especially since I turned off auto-capitalisation.

6.  Eek…just barely shifted my leg and the demons in my abdomen are trying to decide if they’re going to upgrade the level 4 to a level 5. 



8.  Wonder if I can use my Jedi powers to fetch the ibuprofen…

9.  nope…

10.  Crap, this means I have to get up…

11.  I shall return…

The Playlist

Published September 26, 2015 by Malia

One thing about our wedding that makes me super happy, is the fact that multiple people have told us how much fun they thought it was. ¬†I know I may be biased, but I think they’re right. ¬†Probably one of my favorite things from our wedding is the playlist.

Back when we first started dating, one thing we would do is put YouTube on the Chromecast, and we’d both keep adding videos to the stream. ¬†It made for many hours of inexpensive entertainment. ¬†Since we weren’t having a dance at the wedding, the boy had the idea of putting together a giant YouTube playlist that would run in the background throughout the reception. ¬†It’s filled with nerd music, parodies, and some pretty random weirdness. ¬†It’s also a pretty good look at what entertains the two of us. ¬†So, whether you were at the wedding and confused by the quiet YouTube videos, or just wanting to watch an eccentric stream of videos, I’m going to share the playlist with all of you!

Apparently The Evil Copy Machine Was Lonely

Published July 19, 2014 by Malia

So, y’know how in¬†Star Wars¬†nearly every character says, “I have a bad feeling about this.”? ¬†That’s how I felt last Friday after sitting through the 20 minute presentation, “You and Your New Phone From Hell.” ¬†Just kidding, the presentation didn’t have a title. ¬†But, if it had, that is totally what it should have been.

See, for some reason, we had to get rid of the wonderful, fantastic phones with decent reception, and replace them with phones that Crowley would recommend. ¬†And do you know why he’d recommend them? ¬†Because after you’ve disconnected the same client 3+ times in a row, when attempting to transfer them, you start seriously wondering if you’re going to have to sell your soul in a crossroads deal just to make the phones play nice.

Believe me, there is absolutely NOTHING a client loves more than constantly being disconnected. ¬†I’m sure that the irritated, haggard tone their voice takes on is just a mask for how much they’re enjoying the whole experience.

Y’know what else is super fun about the new phone system? ¬†The phone numbers. ¬†None of our old phones had direct numbers. ¬†However, each of the new phones has its own, individualized number. ¬†In theory, this is a good idea. ¬†What’s not a good idea? ¬†The phone company assigning previously owned numbers to these phones. ¬†I’ve spent way too much time this week fielding calls of people trying to reach Farmer’s Insurance. ¬†Most people are pretty startled when they’re calling for an insurance quote, and instead get a medical reference lab.

Maybe the evil phones would be appeased if I sacrificed a chicken…