The eyes are the what of the face?

Published January 23, 2014 by Malia

A few weeks ago, I got to thinking about anatomy.  The stuff on the inside makes sense to me (liver, kidneys, brain, heart, etc…).  There’s a purpose to all of it, and it all looks pretty cool, too.  Then I got to thinking about all the parts of our bodies that are actually visible.  Which led to me sending the following text to one of my best friends:

“Nipples are weird.  Basically we’ve all got these little buttons made of flesh.  Doesn’t that seem weird?”

The reply?  “Have you been drinking?  That is so random…haha.”

I hadn’t been drinking, but the point remains that I find the whole concept of nipples to be really bizarre.  Sure, they serve a purpose as far as nursing goes.  However, if you’re not nursing, they end up just being these weird, almost mole-like protrusions on your chest.  And almost everyone on the planet has them.  (I’m assuming that there are people that are born without them.)  That’s weird, right?

Also, I’m thinking that I don’t appreciate my friends nearly enough.  Only the truly awesome friends will still acknowledge they know you even after they receive text messages contemplating the purposes of various parts of anatomy.

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