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May the Fourth Be With You…

Published May 4, 2021 by Malia

Yesterday, I stopped at the post office to get some fun stamps because I’m going to try something called Postcrossing. One of the fun parts of Postcrossing (at least, as I understand it) is fun stamps, so I picked up a set of Scooby Doo stamps and Hot Wheel stamps. I was wearing one of my many Grogu (I still call him Baby Yoda, but I grudgingly acknowledge they did finally name him) masks. The very nice lady working the counter took notice and mentioned that there were Star Wars stamps being released today. She said they would likely go fast. So, at 8 a.m., I marched my butt in and bought these:

I fully expected to see droids like BB-8 and R2-D2, but I was so excited when I saw Chopper. If you’ve not watched Rebels, I highly recommend it. Although, you really need to watch the Clone Wars series first. And yes, they’re both animated shows, but just because something is animated doesn’t mean it doesn’t tell a good story. Plus, if you’ve watched Mandalorian and didn’t know:

-Why the Darksaber is important.

-Who Ahsoka Tano is.

-Who Bo Katan is.

You need to watch Clone Wars and Rebels. There’s just so much story and it’s so well told.

I’ll be spending today watching all the Star Wars I can while I make postcards and greeting cards. I know I can’t make it through the whole saga in one day, so this will likely be a weeklong venture.

The only movie I may skip is Rogue One. I’ve only seen it once, and that was in the theater. It’s a really good movie, but I had a really hard time with it. It gave me a panic attack, and I’ve never had any desire to try watching it again. I can’t explain why it set me off without spoiling the movie, but if you really want to know feel free to ask.

On a completely separate note, I now have all of my meds refilled (I’ve been out of 75% of them for the last few days). So, I should be returning to a better headspace soon. And my blood sugar numbers should start dropping to manageable levels.

Enjoy your May Fourth!


Published January 1, 2020 by Malia

During my twenties, every January 1st was spent marathoning the entire extended Lord of the Rings. While it is possible to do in one sitting, now that I’ve gotten a bit older I’ve discovered it’s also super exhausting. Then, I turned 30, and the tradition changed.

Tom and I had been together almost a year. We were engaged, and it was our first New Year’s Eve. I worked that night, but was done around nine or ten. I drove to Tom’s. He got a bunch of pizza and we sat up half the night eating and playing Diablo 3. Since then, every New Year’s Eve we’ve gotten pizza and played Diablo. Nothing like ringing in the new year by slaying hordes of demons.

This year, tradition shifted. Last night, we went out on New Year’s Eve. Nothing super fancy. Taco Bell and Star Wars. I’ve had a nasty respiratory infection, so it was both super fun and incredibly exhausting.

Today, I’m keeping quiet. Trying to continue getting better. So, we’re doing pizza, Diablo, and rewatching the Clone Wars series. Again, it’s nothing exciting, but it is pleasant and a lovely way to start the new year.