Thoughts I’m Having Currently…Part 1

Published December 18, 2015 by Malia

1. If I sit almost completeky still, and only move my fingers, my pain level is only about a four. 

2.  Waiting for the doctor’s office to call with lab results is a sucky nightmare.



He’s fast asleep, pinning my legs, which helps a lot with that whole sitting still thing.

4.  Star Wars tomorrow.  if you don’t like Star Wars, I feel sad for you, but won’t stop liking you.  (but I may start practicing Jedi skills in your direction…”You want to watch Star Wars…You will like Star Wars…“)

5.  Typing a post out on my phone isn’t terribly easy, especially since I turned off auto-capitalisation.

6.  Eek…just barely shifted my leg and the demons in my abdomen are trying to decide if they’re going to upgrade the level 4 to a level 5. 



8.  Wonder if I can use my Jedi powers to fetch the ibuprofen…

9.  nope…

10.  Crap, this means I have to get up…

11.  I shall return…

One comment on “Thoughts I’m Having Currently…Part 1

  • Hi, I hope you’re feeling a lot better by the time you get this note… Sounded as though you weren’t well at all, and I am hoping you haven’t spent the remainder of your week-end in the hospital! I enjoyed getting to see your sweet kitty pictures — he was doing his best to help Mama feel better! He is so big!! I will be sending good thoughts up to you, from this point, and hope that your scary abdominal pain didn’t turn out to be serious. Prayers and I am thinking of you, dear Young Friend. Please let us in the vast expanse of CyberWorld know how you are faring —- And — MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! 😉

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