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Friday Night Questions

Published October 20, 2012 by Malia

-Why are Austen novels so enchanting?

-Wouldn’t it be fun to just hit the road and see the world?

-If you could cosplay, what character would you choose?

-Am I the only one who got seriously creeped out by the show Extreme Cheapskates?

-Am I the only one who hates being asked what my favorite book/movie is?

-Aren’t whiteboards great?



Published October 17, 2012 by Malia

If you’re anything like me, sleep is a beautiful, much appreciated aspect of life.  I don’t know why, but lately I’m having an incredibly difficult time getting to sleep.  Even if I lay down  with the intention of sleeping, I find myself wide awake, staring at the ceiling.  This goes on for quite a while.  A year ago I struggled to get sleep, but that was due to a really nightmarish living situation.  This year, there’s no excuse.  On top of this, I’ve found that some afternoons I can’t help but nap.  I’m not someone who takes naps.  I drove my kindergarten teacher crazy because I wouldn’t sleep.  I wish I could send my current desires to nap back in time to when it would’ve been really useful.

Random Saturday Musings

Published October 13, 2012 by Malia

-This morning at about 3 a.m., I saw the Aurora Borealis for the first time!  It’s been of my goals to see it, and it was simply amazing!  It’s the most hauntingly beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  It really did dance across the sky.  At one point I was laying on the ground looking up, and the Aurora looked like ocean waves.  I can’t wait to see them again!  I want to go hunt them the way that people hunt twisters.  I’m so thankful for Katy & Michele being willing to take me out to see them!

-Went to the homecoming football game today.  We stayed for the first half.  It wasn’t great.  I was excited to see the marching band, and boy was I disappointed.  I was expecting a really great half-time show, and instead, what we got was a concert band performance.  The band played three songs, each song directed by a former professor from the music department.  The songs progressively got older.  Started with Elvis, then Sinatra, and ended with a hymn.  Seriously.  A hymn.  I love hymns, I really do.  I think they’re beautiful, but a half-time performance of a football game is not where I want to hear one.  It wasn’t even a peppy hymn, it was Abide With Me, which is pretty slow and reminiscent of funerals. On top of which, they didn’t march.  At all.  The former band geek inside of me wept.  All in all, big disappointment.

-Was introduced to the show Pitbulls and Parolees today.  I don’t go in for reality t.v., but this show is fantastic!  It warms my heart to see someone willing to be such an advocate for the breed.

-I’m really excited that my clothes are starting to feel like they’re fitting better.

-I’m really nervous about having to start monitoring my blood sugar.  I’m not good at inflicting pain on myself, so the whole sticking my finger thing terrifies me.  I’m completely capable of doing this on other people.  I’ve tested my mom’s levels before, and I had to do it during phlebotomist training.  I don’t mind sticking other people, I’m just freaked about doing it to myself.

Friday Night Questions

Published October 12, 2012 by Malia

-How many people have gotten seriously injured on Wipeout? Follow up…Wouldn’t it be fun just to try the obstacles (not in competition) just for the fun of it?

-Why do guys grow mutton chops?

-Who else wants to see Here Comes The Boom?

-Is it sad that I enjoy describing myself as a Hobbit?

-Do you ever find yourself watching something and it’s so incredibly bizarre it robs you of speech and you just go “Buh buh buh d…d…d…wha?”

-Is it just me, or does it seem the later it gets the more food commercials get shown?

-Why are there already Christmas commercials?

Also, I can’t wait until Tuesday to share this.  Only watch if you’ve seen The Angels Take Manhattan episode of Doctor Who, or if you don’t care if it gets spoiled.  Unless you’re dead inside, this will make you cry.

Really Creepy

Published October 11, 2012 by Malia

So, they’ve been running many ads for the anniversary edition of E.T.  Why is this movie so popular?  Surely I’m not the only person who’s really freaked out by the “adorable” alien. The alien from Alien is more adorable.   Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Someone please explain this mystery to me.

Duh Duh…Duh Duh…Duh Duh Duh Duh DuhDuhDuhDuhDuhDuh AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published October 11, 2012 by Malia

Tonight I experienced sharks, sharks, and more sharks.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of the world of sharks.

I was hanging out at a friend’s apartment, and we were going to watch a movie.  I asked if we could watch Jaws.  I’d never actually seen Jaws all the way through.  Sure, I’d catch parts when it’s on t.v., but my past viewing has been completely out of order.  Since my friend, Katy,  loves all things shark, she was more than willing to sit through Jaws.

Jaws is a pretty great film, especially when you consider when it was made.  Sure, it was kinda unrealistic, and sure, the Bruce (that’s the shark) that you see in close-up is way bigger than the full body shots of the shark they portray as Bruce.  It’s the epic struggle, though, that makes it worthwhile.  Plus, there’s some pretty cool cinematography.  Although, in retrospect, I’m not sure my first full viewing would’ve been nearly as fun had I been by myself.  It’s definitely a film you need to watch with other like-minded people.

About halfway through the film Katy suggested we watch Shark Night next.  Shark Night is the very touching story about a group of college students who decide to spend the weekend at the lake.  Nothing could possibly go bad, right?  Right.  Oh wait, things do get a little less charming when the sharks in the lake start nomming on the gang.  This ain’t Beach Blanket Bingo, that’s for sure.  “But wait,” you’re probably saying, “how can there be sharks?  Didn’t you say they’re at a lake?”  Why, yes, I did!  Not to worry, there’s a perfectly logical explanation given, about halfway through the film.  I think this film was the product of someone thinking, “Jaws was really successful, and Deliverance was really disturbing; why not combine them into one film?”  Don’t believe me?  There was this moment where Katharine McPhee’s character is giving the creepy Deliverance guy an eyeful, and I actually said, “And now we’re showing Deliverance our boobs.”  Seriously, if you don’t know what people mean when they call something a “B movie,” watch this and you’ll understand.

After Shark Night we watched one of the Shark Week episodes, Air Jaws.  This was actually pretty cool, and educational.  Did you know that Great Whites will actually clear the water doing this leap breach thing?  It’s ridiculous.  I admit I was rooting for the seals and penguins to get away.  I know a shark’s gotta eat, but it’s awful watching animals that cute get killed.  The vet tech in me wanted to save the injured animals.

All in all, a successful evening, and now I know why I’m single and childless.  People in relationships do not watch Jaws and when seeing a dog and a child at the beach, and the ominous familiar music starts to play, say, “Eat the bratty kid!  Not the dog!”


Published October 9, 2012 by Malia

-Tonight I’m so excited about the fact that Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was on t.v. tonight.  I’ve loved this musical ever since I first stumbled across it a few years ago.  It’s a short little musical, and if you weren’t able to catch it tonight, you can easily find it online.

-I found it very cool that Ben Browder (he was on Farscape & the last couple of seasons of SG1) played the marshall on the Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy.  He’s gotten older, but is still very entertaining.

-Speaking of Doctor Who, I’m also pretty pumped about the fact that Alex Kingston (River Song) will be showing up on NCIS this season.  Even though I’ve read many complaints about her character on Who, I’m entertained by her.

-Back to Farscape, much as I enjoy the show, they had a really irritating/painful theme song.  It wasn’t quite as bad in the later seasons, but still not pleasant.


Weight Loss Monday~Week 6

Published October 8, 2012 by Malia

Tonight I have no pictures and no update.  I’ll have both next week, but this week I’m still processing this whole diabetes thing.  Granted, I’ll probably still be processing in a week, and even several weeks after that.

I’ve started keeping a food journal.  I’ve found it’s easier to do if I take the journal with me when I go eat, and write down before I eat.  I’m also working to eat veggies and drink more water.  I really, really don’t like vegetables.  Seriously, I like spinach and green beans (which I’m not sure are a veggie, because they’re a bean and I’m thinking they’re mostly sugar, but I could be wrong).  I like some veggies if they’re cooked in soup or on pizza.  However, the list is really, super small.  Turns out, if you’re diabetic, veggies are kinda important.  Also, I’ve never liked drinking water.  Lucky me, that’s another thing that’s important for me to consume now.

I’m not complaining, I’m just processing.