Friday Night Questions

Published October 12, 2012 by Malia

-How many people have gotten seriously injured on Wipeout? Follow up…Wouldn’t it be fun just to try the obstacles (not in competition) just for the fun of it?

-Why do guys grow mutton chops?

-Who else wants to see Here Comes The Boom?

-Is it sad that I enjoy describing myself as a Hobbit?

-Do you ever find yourself watching something and it’s so incredibly bizarre it robs you of speech and you just go “Buh buh buh d…d…d…wha?”

-Is it just me, or does it seem the later it gets the more food commercials get shown?

-Why are there already Christmas commercials?

Also, I can’t wait until Tuesday to share this.  Only watch if you’ve seen The Angels Take Manhattan episode of Doctor Who, or if you don’t care if it gets spoiled.  Unless you’re dead inside, this will make you cry.

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