Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Cue Whistling)

Published September 6, 2012 by Malia

I’m kind of a pessimist.  I don’t mean to be; I’ve seen how bad things can go so many times I automatically go into glass half empty mode.  This is why I was surprised at myself today.  Today, I inadvertently was an optimist.

I think I started to realize that something was different shortly before I headed to work.  I had a rough night and didn’t sleep well, so I was really tired this morning, and normally I would’ve been dreading going to work.  However, I found myself not dreading work.  In fact, I was excited to get there.  I was really hoping that after a very slow start to the semester there would be lots more work for me to do.  Not only was there loads more work to do, I didn’t have enough time to get it all taken care of.

Then, tonight I was fighting the fact that I needed to work out.  I skipped last night (I’m thinking this might be why I didn’t sleep well), and all of a sudden, my brain shouted at me, “There are tons of people on this planet that wish their legs worked.  Now, get your butt up and walk!” and I did!

My most surprisingly optimistic moment of the day came when I finally had a conversation with someone that I’d been dreading.  (I was dreading the conversation, not the person.)  I’d been avoiding this conversation for the better part of a week.  Not only, did it go amazingly well, but good things came from it that I didn’t even expect.

I’m not sure that I’m going to become an optimist over night, but this is a small step in that direction.

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