Burritos Solve Nothing

Published September 5, 2012 by Malia

My first test of the semester is tomorrow morning.  I’m really struggling to keep calm about it.  I’m do lousy when it comes to tests.  I always study and know the material, but the moment I sit down and look at the test, it may as well have been written in Chinese.  It’s in Spanish, so we’ll see.  I’m just hoping that I can remember something beyond the alphabet and how to count to cien.

I finally got enough courage to speak up in my British Lit class today.  To say that this class intimidates me would be an understatement.  I’m not sure that I really said anything that deep or important, but at least no one laughed and the professor didn’t say I was wrong.  I love the class.  I feel like I’m learning so much.  I just wish I wasn’t so intimidated.

Tonight, Taco Bell’s Facebook status is, “There’s no cure for a broken heart.  But burritos can help.”  Apart from the fact that it’s bugging me that they used “But” like that, I’m finding it interesting how much this coincides with some thoughts I’m having regarding relationships.  Sometimes, I really have to wonder why it is that some people get to be in relationships and others don’t.  I’ve seen people who really want to be in relationships get passed over time and time again.  People who would be great at the whole relationship thing.  People who want to commit and have kids.  I’ve seen this happen with guys and gals.  There’s really no explanation for it.  On the other hand, I’ve seen people who are miserable and in relationships that they won’t get out of simply because they don’t want to be alone.  This whole thing seems so messed up.

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