Nice coffee tables are for holding Lego’s, right?

Published August 30, 2016 by Malia

An actual conversation that happened last week:

Me: I was out today running errands, and LITERALLY  every single woman I saw was either pregnant or had a pile of small kids or both.  I honestly think we’re having all the sex, and everyone else is getting pregnant.

The Boy: That’s not how it works.

Me: No, I’m pretty sure it is.  Like, three people announced on Facebook today that they’re pregnant.  So, yeah, I’m sticking with this argument.

The Boy: You’re saying that the sperm and the egg leave here and go elsewhere and other people get pregnant?

Me: Yes.

The Boy: Again, that’s not how it works.

Me: You don’t know!  I’m the medical professional, this is totally how it works!

After that, the conversation slipped into further nonsense.

Here’s the thing, I honestly am happy for all y’all that are gettin’ preggers and poppin’ out babies.  I really am.  Please don’t think that I’m not.  I’m sorry if I  cry or seem not as enthused as everyone else (I try really hard not to do that except when I’m alone or with the boy).  And please, please, please don’t ever keep it from me that you’re expecting because you’re afraid it’ll make me sad.  I’m 98% happy for all you expectant mamas.  There’s just this annoying 2% of me that is a little jealous and a little sad.  That’s fair, though, right?  I can be 2% selfish.

So what do you do when your baby making parts aren’t magic?  You build Lego sets.  Lego sets with dragons and elves.  Seriously, it’s excellent therapy.








And now these sets are living on my coffee table, because they’re pretty and they make me happy.

One comment on “Nice coffee tables are for holding Lego’s, right?

  • You’re an artist -In-Legos! Just admiring your creativity and the new colorful worlds you’ve made. I know how you are feeling. But — there is a time for everything, and I am glad you and The Boy have this time together to just enjoy getting to share the everyday as well as the sparking moments of blending your lives together. Children are a huge commitment that last the rest of your life. No need to feel as though if you aren’t getting pregnant (already!) that you’re somehow a “failure-as-married-lady”, or not all right! You guys are still newlyweds!! Think about it! (remember where you were, this time in your life, a year ago?) I’m thinking you have made some big, really important changes in the past year +, and I think you are handling every thing new that you’ve taken on amazingly well! There is something about having the security in your life enough to lean in and let someone else take care if us, that -is very comforting and solidifying — next thing as I experienced it. after I married (late, at the age of 33) was realizing that my job hadn’t made me as consistently happy as putting a meal on the table for my new husband did : ) . Next thing you know, I’m cutting back my career to just enough to stay in the field, and finding that being at home taking care of our horses and a flock of chickens was making me feel really self-fulfilled, in a way that I had never expected to. Then the ideas start up just as you are experiencing — “I love being at home! I love the quiet time, and the freedom to arrange my day as I choose every day! I love the Boy and being in more of a support-role, rather than killing it every day in the Lab, wading through all of the Power Structure, associated egos, different expectations and hierarchy that has to be constantly tested, maintained, and asserted! I love feeling a little bit (or, a lot) more rested! Now — I want to get/be pregnant!!” I have been there! You are doing great! Keep the Lego villages coming, and kiss the Kitty for me! Sending love to both of you : ). Mary Jane

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