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New Year, New Job, New Me?

Published January 7, 2013 by Malia

I did it!  I survived my first day as a full time employee!  I don’t think I’ve ever been hired as a full timer (I worked full time for about 2 months in a previous job, but I don’t like to think about those days).  I feel odd.  I feel like I’ve achieved some step towards being an adult. Yikes!

I spent most of my first day reading a giant OSHA manual, and then doing loads of computer OSHA things.  OSHA is mostly common sense, but I feel that they write out things the most confusing way they can think of.  Anyway, after I learned all about how I can catch evil things from blood if I’m not properly handling it, and all about how to get electrocuted, I got to actually go in the lab!  I ended up doing chores, but I didn’t care.  I was in scrubs and a lab jacket, and I was in a real life professional lab!  Ever since I was in tech school, I’ve been fascinated by the lab side of medicine.  Getting to work in one has kind of been my personal Holy Grail.  I have many dreams, and I feel so blessed to actually be getting to have one come true.  Especially after so many years of heartbreak and disappointment.

Also, to document that my first day, I decided to take a picture of myself showing I was ready to head off into my future!  003

I’m not sure what expression that is on my face.  Unfortunately, this was the best of the crop of photos I took.  However, I really, really, love the scrub top I have on.  I’m so excited that I can wear fun and pretty scrub tops to this job.  There’s so many beautiful tops out there, and the last job I had that I wore scrubs for, I had to wear pretty blah ones all the time.  I now have a whole assortment of pretty tops that I’m excited to wear!

Random Saturday Musings

Published January 6, 2013 by Malia

-A couple of days ago I bought a movie I had never heard of and knew absolutely nothing about.  It’s called The Watcher in the Woods.  Some of the acting was really terrible, but the story itself was quite good, and surprisingly scary and dark for a Disney film.  Bright spots of this film were Bette Davis and David McCallum (NCIS’Ducky).  Davis was super creepy.  There was not nearly enough Ducky in this film, I think he was mainly in the film to attract whatever audience Davis didn’t attract.  Here’s the trailer:

-I spent tonight with my mama figuring out what the spring puppet show is going to be.  I’m pretty excited about this one, and am hoping that it all pulls together smoothly.

-I’m getting really excited and pretty nervous about Monday.  New job!  Big plus: I get to wear cute scrubs!  There’s no mandatory scrub design I have to wear, so I can wear the fun cartoon tops.  Also, I’m madly in love with the Grey’s Anatomy brand scrubs.  They’re the softest, most comfy scrubs I’ve ever encountered.  I’m also glad that they’re making scrub tops that are much more feminine than they used to be.

-Had weekly lunch at Zemogs.  Ended lunch with “I have a job” celebratory sopapillas.  Here’s a picture of the deliciousness!


-This afternoon, I decided to try to be artistic, here was the outcome:


-I’m thinking of getting the Bob Ross videos and learning to paint.

-I’m not trying to brag, but I’m super excited thinking about having a real paycheck again and being able to pay my bills again!

-I love my Hello Kitty headphones.  I spent more on them than I normally spend on headphones, but the whole Hello Kitty design totally made it worth it.  They work fantastic, which was super surprising.  Best headphone investment I’ve made in years.

-My hair is finally getting some decent length to it.  I’ll be glad when I can braid it and put it up.

-I need to find a mascara brand that doesn’t make my eyes itch and burn.  Thinking of trying Physician’s Formula (waiting to make some money, just because it’s more expensive than what I usually spend on make-up).  Many people have told me it’s gentle on sensitive eyes.  I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I’ve found that mascara is kind of crucial if I don’t want my eyes to look terrible.