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I swear I can cook!

Published March 26, 2015 by Malia

Hello, World, I’m married.  It happened almost two weeks ago, and yet I’m still sitting here in a daze.

Nerd points if you can figure out both of our rings!

Nerd points if you can figure out both of our rings!

I live with a boy now.  Before we were married, I was a little worried it would be a weird experience.  However, my fears were unfounded.  Sure, it’s different, but it’s a good, mostly non-weird different.

We spent the “honeymoon” week at home, and I think that’s about the best thing we could have done.  It gave us some quality alone time, and made this whole transition a little less scary and overwhelming.

This week I’ve started learning the fine art of being a wife.  The number one thing I’ve learned?  It’s a REALLY good thing the boy loves me so much!  I feel like this week I’ve done nothing but epically fail at all things “wife.”  I’m still not unpacked.  I still haven’t finished going through what we’re keeping and what we’re returning.  I think I’ve killed the plants I’ve been trying to get to grow.  And worst of all?  My talent for cooking has absolutely abandoned me.  Wednesday I created food that was just barely edible.  Thursday (today), I made something that should have been excellent, and I’m pretty sure I missed the mark again.  I know new brides are supposed to have cooking disasters, and I’m quite thankful that so far my disasters aren’t really disasters.

That’s all the news that is news for now.  I think it’s time to go snuggle up to the boy sleeping in the other room!

Super Duper Secret Confession About My Glamorous Single Life

Published January 14, 2014 by Malia

Are you ready for this?  If you’re not single, you’re going to be TOTALLY envious!  Like, I mean, it’s, like, y’know that TOTALLY AWESOME!  Like totally.

Yeah, I really can’t pull off the Valley Girl talk.

Here it is…

My big secret…

I sleep in a loft bed…and it’s pretty much the greatest bed ever.  The only bed that would be better?  One that’s built into it’s own little cupboard, like in Santa Claus The Movie.

I was an only child, so bunk beds only became part of my life when I was at camp or visiting friends.  I learned early on that the top bunk was the best part of the bunk bed experience.  Also, you looked incredibly brave if you were willing to jump from the top bunk to the floor.  Who cared about the shooting pains that ran up your legs when you landed feet first on a concrete basement floor?  You looked brave and cool.

Well, a loft bed, is just the top bunk, and you can do whatever you want with the space underneath.  In fact, it opens up a lot of space in a room (especially if you have a long narrow room, like I do).  Yes, underneath the loft is a great place to store all the boxes that I am refusing to unpack, even though I’ve been home for over a year.  (Side note: yes, those boxes should be unpacked by now, but I have issues.)

Before I completely sell you on the concept of loft beds, let me point out that there is one giant negative about them if you are no longer a kid…

I always prided myself on my bladder control, and while that control has not lapsed, I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that if I drink things after ten p.m., I’ll find myself needing to get up in the middle of the night to find the bathroom (conveniently located across the hall).  When I’m awoken by this urge at three or four in the morning, I will usually lay in bed considering my options, arguing with my brain.

Brain: You need to pee.

Me:  Really?  I know I’m uncomfortable, but maybe if I ignore it, I can get back to sleep.

Brain: What kind of moronic idea is that?

Me: I don’t want to climb down the ladder, or stumble through my room in the dark.

Brain: You know, if you would clean this disaster area you call a room, it wouldn’t be such a scary thing to walk through it in the dark.

Me (in my best whiny inside my head voice): I’m an adult!  My room can be a mess if I want it to be!

Brain: Whatever.  Stop whining.  You need to pee.

Me:  I’m pretty sure I can just get back to sleep.  Just wish it didn’t feel like my bladder is going to explode.

Brain: You know that is a sign that you need to pee.

Me: Shut up and let me sleep.

Brain (impersonating Sheldon Cooper): Waterfalls…PEEING!

Me: You’re not quoting it correctly.

Brain: I don’t care, subliminal messaging…

Me: Crap, you win.

As you can see, it’s a very dramatic conversation to have in the wee hours of the morning.  And now, you all know that I’ve reached that magical point in my life where urinating has become a much larger part of my life than it used to be.  Also, I may have some unresolved issues regarding unpacking.

And no, I don’t know why I shared this little “gem” with the world.  At least I’m not making out with sledgehammers.


Published August 19, 2012 by Malia

Well, I did it.  It was hard.  I started losing it when I said good-bye to my cats this morning, and then it was all I could do to not fall apart when I said good-bye to my parents.  I don’t think people with siblings understand how hard and scary it is to leave your parents when they and you are the closest family each other has.  It’s especially hard leaving knowing how much havoc  it wrecks on mom’s health.  I wish they’d develop teleportation units and make them available for everyone so  I could go home whenever I want.

I survived the 500 mile drive, and had some amazing help getting all my stuff up to my room.  I felt like I brought a lot, and when the van was being unloaded it certainly looked like I did.  However, once I started unpacking, it looked a little less like I’d brought everything and the kitchen sink.  Now I’m sitting in my room that’s 3/4’s unpacked.  I’m really tired, but I’m also loving my room.  It occurred to me tonight, that while this isn’t the first time I’ve been in my own room in a dorm, it’s the first time I intentionally set out to get one.  Always in the past I’ve been open to sharing the room with someone, but after last the fiasco known as last year, I was determined to be on my own this year.  I’ve got a fridge and television (that’s actually my computer monitor).  This year marks a turning point.  I’m kind of on my own.  Does that mean I’m growing up?  Well, let’s not jump to conclusions quite yet, but there are certainly changes in my life and brain that are making me feel that I’m truly beginning to move on from being stuck in high school.

Overall, I’m pleased with the room.  It’s quite spacious, and has loads of shelve and closet space.  The only slightly irritating thing is that the outlet that I wanted to plug my fridge into doesn’t accept three pronged plugs.  Due to the set up of the room, it’s the most ideal place for the fridge, so I think I’ll be venturing to Walmart tomorrow to seek out an extension cord.

I’m really, really glad I’ve got an overabundance of fans.  This dorm has a wonderful heating system (something important in ND), but there’s no air conditioning.  It does get warm in ND (really, I’m not making this up), and the fact that some people’s heaters are broken and won’t shut off adds to the general heat of the building.

I’m slightly weirded out by the fact that I can hear people walking above me.  It’s been many years since I last lived anywhere other than the top floor of a building.  This dorm is pretty solidly built, so I’m not hearing much walking (either that, or people are just not around), but it still kinda makes me jump when I hear someone walking on my ceiling.

All in all I’m excited and very tired.  Sure, I’ve got a few things I need to get, but overall it’s shaping up to be a good year.