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Dark and Troubled Times

Published December 17, 2012 by Malia

I’ve been putting my thoughts together about going into the ditch in SD.  There’s actually quite a bit more that happened after I wrote my last post, but I’ve had so much going on I haven’t gotten it put up on here yet.  However, in the midst of all my drama, there was this whole nightmare that took place in Connecticut.

This is definitely one of those times that I’m glad I don’t have kids.  I can’t imagine what the parents who’ve lost their babies are going through, and I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a child and try to decide how to attempt to keep your child safe.  I’m not sure if the world has just been progressively getting more scary, or if it was always so scary and it’s just getting harder to hide how scary it is.  If there’s one thing I learned from Finding Nemo, it’s that you can’t protect your kids from everything, and to promise them that you will is just lying to them.  However, I don’t blame parents for wanting to protect their kids.  There’s something wrong with someone if they don’t want to protect their kids.

Anyway, I’m still grouping my thoughts, but for now my prayers are with all the families who lost their children, all the families who are directly involved in that nightmare, all those who lost friends, and all those kids who had part of their innocence so senselessly ripped away.

Friday Night Questions

Published September 21, 2012 by Malia

Sherlock on a Friday night?

-Why is it that after you hit your twenties it seems that almost everyone you know is either engaged, married, and/or pregnant?

-Girls think boys are weird and complicated; boys think girls are weird and complicated; is it possible that we’re all just weird and complicated?

-Am I the only one who finds that video games aimed at kids are challenging?

-Anybody want to go see Finding Nemo with me?

-Why do the good times always go too fast?

-Why does North Dakota have to get so chilly so early in the fall?

-Is the whole balancing an egg thing on the equinox true?


Random Saturday Musings

Published September 8, 2012 by Malia

-I chewed gum today.  I don’t remember the last time I chewed gum.  Weird.

-I really love my penguin pillow pet.  It’s so cuddly.

-The Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice was on t.v. last night, and I realized that the only reason I like it is because of the music.

-Today just felt off.  Everything I set out to do went wonky.

-I discovered that there’s a comic con scheduled for November here in Grand Forks.  If this is actually true, I’m really going to try to go.

-Just realized that the first time I saw Finding Nemo was the summer right after I graduated from high school.  Next May will mark ten years since I graduated.  When Nemo opens in theaters next week, there will be kids going who don’t remember the first time it came out.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.

-I called Gramma last night.  It was so weird to not asking how Grampa was or hearing him in the background.

-It makes me so angry when things mess with my mom’s blood sugar numbers.  This whole diabetes thing is so frustrating.

-I love my pink Wii remote.  It makes me so happy when I’m using my Wii.

-This Husker game is a bit of a nail biter.  I feel really bad for the UCLA players, their pants are tragic.

-So far it’s taken me over an hour to put this post together.

-Sometimes life is weird.  My life is weird.  And it’s weird in epic ways.  Some day I hope to share one of the most  epically (spelling?) weird moments I’ve ever had happen.

-Pudding is more yummy when you grow up.

-I dislike that the water up here dries my hair out so much.  I even put in leave in conditioner, but it doesn’t help.

-Facial hair is one of those dark secrets about adulthood that you never get told about.  You just get to be an adult and suddenly, boom, there’s these nasty, annoying hairs demanding to be dealt with.