Friday Night Questions

Published August 24, 2012 by Malia

Am I the only one who can’t make it through  Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Why is the History Channel so obsessed with aliens and U.F.O’s?

Why do ingrown toenails hurt so much?

What’s a good way to fall asleep when it’s really hot?

How are they going to end the Amy and Rory story?

Had Firefly been made now, would it have lasted longer?

How do people master pig latin?


4 comments on “Friday Night Questions

  • Well…

    1. I find Close Encounters boring with sporadic moments of terror and rarely watch it all the way through. #hatealiens #afraidformylife
    2. I have wondered about this as well. It seems the History Channel doesn’t care about history anymore. Hell, they rarely even show Hitler shows anymore (I called it the Hitler Channel for years because of their obsession). #MTVdoesnotplaymusictelevision
    3.I have been growing out my ingrown toenails all summer and have actually been successful! Try putting a small piece of cotton ball between the nail and the nail bed. This worked wonders for me! #nomorepain
    4. Go have a cool shower and air dry yourself to sleep (with a fan).
    5. I have no idea who Amy and Rory are?
    6. I absolutely believe if Firefly were made now it would be a huge sucess. Part of the reason it wasn’t the 1st time was because it had a horrible time slot and Fox didn’t care about it! #I<3MalReynolds
    7. Actice-pray, actice-pray, actice-pray! I-ay ish-way eal-ray atin-lay as-way as-ay easy-ay. #WannaWatchMontyPythonNow

    -You should come watch movies with Katy & I sometime soon! …there will be alcohol involved. 🙂

    • -Amy & Rory are characters on Doctor Who. Their time on the show is ending this season, and I’m waiting to see if they get killed off or not.
      -I’ll have to try the nail suggestion. First, though, I’ve got to free the nail.
      -Watching movies is a must-do plan sometime this semester.

    • They’ve already killed Rory several times, so that’d be nothing new. I would be surprised if they killed Amy, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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