Published August 25, 2012 by Malia

The other day, a guy passing by me said, “…f***ing two ‘o clock.”  He wasn’t mad, he just decided to use f***ing as a descriptor for  time. Last night, in the middle of a thunderstorm, I heard some guy running around outside and every time there was a flash of lightening he’d yell “F***!*  (I think he and all the other people running around outside must’ve been drunk.  I don’t know too many sober people who run around outside yelling profanities during thunderstorms.) Sadly, this wasn’t a unique, unheard of statement.  I regularly hear people use cuss and swear words in every way imaginable.  Sometimes, they create an entire sentence using almost all foul language.  In fact, there’s not even a concept of what foul language is.   I’m not innocent of this.  I’ve had a fair share of bad words go flying out of my mouth.  I’m not proud of this, and I’ve been working to not have these words come out of my mouth.

What concerns me is the fact that I’m hearing these words coming out of kid’s mouths.  They say them with pride.  It’s almost like they believe that saying any of these words means they’re a mature grown-up.  I wish they’d realize that anyone is capable of saying these words.  It’s not a badge of honor.  It doesn’t make other people consider you an adult.

Also, cussing is not an appropriate way to win an argument.  It just makes you look like you don’t have enough in your head to compose a well-reasoned response.

Finally, please try to keep from cussing in front of your kids.  It’s not impossible.  I grew up in a house where my parents knew every cuss and swear word known to mankind, and they never used any of them in front of me, even when they were stressed and/or upset.

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  • An English Major’s Defence of Profanity

    Disclaimer: I am only playing the Devil’s advocate here, please don’t be offended. I have been doing homework for hours and am feeling cerebral! lol. To make my point, I may actually use a cuss word or two.

    My dad was a sailor and I inherited his potty-mouth. 🙂 I used to feel a large amount of guilt whenever I cussed in public, until I heard a lecture in my History of the English Language class about the history of the word, F**k. This most offensive of words has been a part of our language since the 14th century. The word in question was already in very popular use (among others of like kind) by Shakespeare’s time. Additionally, it is unique in that it has so many usages; noun, verb, adjective, and/or adverb.

    When it comes down to it, it is just a word, just 4 letters strung together with many meanings. It is the connotation of the word that that bothers people? I can see that, but rather, I think the connotation has changed so drastically that specific arguement is now invalid. I believe the word is in such common usage now that it has lost it’s power to astonish and this leads to the creative stringing together of multiple cuss words. These instances do not bother me. Rather, just show a weak and uncreative mind.

    The danger is not so much in the words themselves, but when they convey an attitude of hate. A weak and uncreative mind in addition to a heart filled with hate can currupt any word.

    I am not trying to convince anyone of anything here really. I just wanted to state another point of view. ❤ And, I am lonely and procrastinating!

    • Don’t worry, I’m not offended. It’s true, they are just four letter words. I think my frustration stems from the fact that it doesn’t even seem like people are trying to use alternatives. Also, I really appreciate what you said about weak and uncreative minds and hearts full of hate. I think that summed up my thoughts better than what I wrote.

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