Adults Pay Their Bills In Their Underwear

Published June 12, 2015 by Malia

Well, I suppose some adults pay them completely naked.  And others pay them in 18 layers.  And, as long as they’re able to pay their bills the world will just keep on spinning.  And if they can’t pay their bills the world will probably keep on spinning anyway.

It’s funny, when I was little, I had this weird idea of what adulthood was.  I knew being adult meant working, and possibly getting married, and having a pile of rugrats constantly attached to various limbs.  I knew it meant being responsible, and if you did screw up you should learn from the experience because otherwise you’d just end up in a vicious cycle of stupidity.  Even though I was aware of all this, I really never comprehended how truly annoying paying bills is.

Can you tell I just got done paying yet another round of bills?  Yay for being a responsible adult.  However, right now, I’m just wishing I was five again, playing on the neighbor’s trampoline, completely responsibility free.

That would be lovely.

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