So…It’s Been Awhile…

Published June 10, 2015 by Malia

I think this pretty much covers it.

Turns out, thinking about writing blog posts and ACTUALLY writing blog posts are two different things.  Over the last few months, I’ve frequently had ideas and thought, “That’d make a good post,” and then never followed through.  So, it’s time to play catch up…


As far as I can remember, the last updating I did took place in April.  Which, while not a long time ago, is well over a month past.  April ended interestingly.

When the boy and I got married, we were on pretty different work shifts.  He would leave for work before 7 a.m. and get home mid-afternoon.  I, on the other hand, would start work at 1:30 p.m., and not get home until well after 10 p.m. (just in time for the boy to head to bed, and me to be wide awake with post work adrenaline).  Going into our marriage, we both knew this was something we were going to have to deal with, and I honestly thought it’d be okay.  Which only goes to show that I’m an idiot.  In truth, it was misery.  It was depressing.  It was lonely.  So, at the end of April, when I saw a perfect job opening at a local hospital.  So, I submitted an application.  And then a week later I got a call from the hospital asking me to come in for an interview.  It was one of those interviews that when I left I honestly couldn’t tell if I was going to get a job offer, but they assured me they were going to call my current job to verify that I really did work there.  Which meant I had to tell my boss that I had gone on an interview.  To cut a very long, boring story short, my boss wasn’t exactly thrilled when I shared this tidbit with her, and I didn’t get offered the job at the hospital.  However, my work offered to let me change schedules, which meant that I didn’t have to start somewhere new, and no more long, lonely mornings home alone.

May & Early June

May will be remembered as the month of medical drama.  About a week after the wedding (back in March), I started having bad abdominal pain.  Because I’m super stubborn, and completely convinced that things will just get better, I put off going to the doctor until May.  Finally, I broke down and decided to go get checked.  The first two weeks of May found me going to the Ob-Gyn and the Endocrinologist.  Neither were fun visits, and neither gave me a decent answer for the abdominal pain.  All that really happened was that I ended up back on Metformin (for diabetes and the PCOS).  My Metformin dose was supposed to start slow, and every week go up.  The first week I had to up the dose, I started getting super sick.  Migraines, pain, dizzyness, nausea, and other fun things plagued me for three solid weeks.  I couldn’t eat, was having trouble sleeping, and was generally miserable.  I spent a decent amount of time playing phone tag with both the Ob-Gyn & Endocrinologist offices.  Both just kept blowing me off and telling me it was just my reaction to the Metformin and to take upping the dose slower.

By the start of the third week, I had the worst sore throat I’ve ever had.  The start of the third week was also my first week on my new shift at work and it was a horrendous week.  Fearing that I might have strep, I ended up at a quick sick clinic.

I didn’t have strep.

No, as of last Thursday, I learned that I have Mono.  Not only do I have mono, but this is actually the second time in my life I’ve had mono.

I wish it felt this cute.

Through it all, the boy truly has been my steady rock.  He has taken such good care of me.  Definitely has made me feel valuable even when I have felt super worthless.  He’s nursing me through this mess, and gone on more chocolate milk pick-up trips than has been fair to him (side note: whole chocolate milk is so thick and creamy it’s the perfect thing to drink if you can’t swallow anything else).

So, in case this has all been TL/DR (too long/didn’t read)…Started a new shift at work, got mono, my husband is amazing, and I am now going to try to update more faithfully.

One comment on “So…It’s Been Awhile…

  • Well, now, what a reason not to be blogging, since April!! Bless your heart, I’m so sorry to learn about your terrible illness, and associated efforts to wade through our Health Care System on the quest to prod someone to follow through with cognizant thought and pursue things through to a diagnosis! (Thank goodness you didn’t have something esoteric like Lyme’s Disease ( = me, from 1989 to 1992, I had to finally take a list of “Rule-Outs” in along with my declining self, to my internist, and tell him that if I was presented with a dog with my symptoms, the first thing I’d be thinking of would be Lyme’s, Or another one of the tick-transmitted blood diseases — and then he actually asked me “Are you sure you want me to run this test for Lyme’s? It’s really expensive!” ($80.00, Hellooo??!) it was a lot more expensive after the report came back and I blew the top off of the titer parameters, too, Ha-Ha-Ha 🙂 So, I sure understand what you have been through. First thing I was thinking about as far as what was was causing your abdominal pain was (please bear with my clinical interest and second-guess-diagnosing, I mean no harm— it’s just second nature, after 35 years of practice 🙂 ) [Ectopic Pregnancy!!] then, I thought Endometriosis, Strep, Mono, or one of the tick-related diseases, Ehrlichia or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever being my top two bets, although I wouldn’t really have associated abdominal pain with those, so much — all of your other symptoms were spot-on, for those,though! Well, enough conjecture, I’m just glad that you found out what was making you so sick, and now, hopefully, you can take big vitamins and rest a lot, and let your body start to rally your immune system to fight this great invading illness off. I’ve had Mono 5 times, through High School, College, and the last time started in January of 2011, literally just flattened me and after trying to come back to.
    work on a half-day basis, after having had to be flat on my back for 13 straight weeks — I was so weak I couldn’t walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without having to grab a wall and stop and get my breath— It was the reason I decided to quit practicing, in Feb. of 2012. I’m telling you this because from what I hear these days, the medical community seems to have stopped regarding this disease with any real concern and just tell folks to suck it up and go on. Well, I’ve seen it take me to the wall and it gets harder on you, each sequential time I’ve had it, so I want you to treat yourself with patience and give yourself the time that you need, in order to fight this thing effectively. The current treatment recommendations (as I understand them) — to “just go on, and play basketball!” (and I quote) are just BullSh_t!! So you remember to not do things if you don’t feel like undertaking them, until you do, ok? Are you taking a multi-vitamin, Name-Brand!! Every day?!! I’ll send you some, I will, if you’ll E-mail me your address again. Your previous E-mail has been sequestered amongst the 4,673 that I – as of today– haven’t accessed and read (or, found again, and copied out the person’s address into my little well-worn-and-duct-taped-together-spiral-paper-looks-like-leather address book ;), as I should have done when I first got the info. Please take a moment and have compassion on your old-lady-friend who can’t do the computer thing well yet, if just barely! I am just glad to hear from you, I’ve missed your postings like crazy 🙂 You really are such a talented writer! I am looking forward to reading your books, someday! Maybe now that you have to sit still for a minute, you’ll think about starting! Look at Mrs. Rowland with all those billions she’s accumulated from just putting down her thought about this fanciful little kid — called Harry Potter! I would have called him “fey”, really, not meaning in a bad context, but he surely doesn’t come off as everybody’s kid brother —- you know?? And yet, his character hit a chord with millions of people! You can do the same, you write the same way as she does — I just get engrossed in the story you’re telling! Hope the next chapter is you = Getting well! Lots of well-wishes, and love, From: Mary Jane Aka (the Encouraging Lady!)

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