The Dentist Curse

Published May 7, 2014 by Malia

I’ve not written in a couple of weeks because there hasn’t been much to talk about.  The most interesting parts of my life are work and the boy.

I would write about work, but there’s this whole “HIPPA” thing that I don’t want to be in violation of.  So, all the entertaining/irritating/funny/wtf moments that happen there are going to continue to remain confidential.

I could write about the boy, but I’m relatively certain most people do not want to read yet another post talking about how fantastically wonderful he is.  The fact that he puts Gravity Falls on the DVR for me so I can get caught up, and then willingly watches it with me (even though he’s all caught up) kind of makes me melt inside.  And that’s just the tiniest tip of the iceberg of how awesome he is to me.  He actually listens to me, even when I’m rambling on and on about something completely ridiculous.  He was even willing to go as the Dread Pirate Roberts for Free Comic Book Day just so I could go as a princess (I put in a showing as a very brunette Buttercup.  Realized to my horror, after the fact, that I was doing a better Sansa Stark cosplay than a Buttercup cosplay).  I’d be lying if I said I’m not feeling some very deep emotions regarding the boy.  But like I said, I doubt people really want to read another post about this kind, gentle, patient, sweet gentleman.  (In case you think I’m laying it on really thick, I’m barely doing the man justice.  He really is amazing.)

So, apart from those two things, life has been pretty quiet.  However, yesterday something finally fell into my lap that I thought, I should totally write about this.  See, yesterday I learned that I am apparently cursed when it comes to my dentist.  To begin, let me give some background information.

Back in 2008, I had a dental emergency, and found myself visiting a new dentist (the one I had gone to previously was absolutely awful).  The new dentist, we’ll call him Dr. G, was brilliant.  From then until 2010, I saw him anytime I had a teeth emergency, and he was always awesome.  Always worked with me and my budget, and did everything in his power to not make it such a terrifying experience.

In 2010, I had a tooth that needed work, and went to see him.  He came up with a treatment plan, and I needed to save some money before I could have the work done.  When I went back a month later, I learned to my horror, Dr. G had left the practice.  Another dentist ended up completing the work.  He was nice enough, but just not as good of a dentist.

In 2012, my parents needed to go to the dentist, and they actually found out that Dr. G had moved to another practice in town.  They went to see him and all was well.

When I had to have my root canal, back in March, Dr. G was who I went to see.  He did an amazing job (the root canal was over with before I even realized it had been officially started).  I had an appointment 2 weeks ago to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one placed.  The day of my appointment, I showed up to the clinic, and was informed that Dr. G was out of town and Dr. S would be seeing me.  I was nervous about this.  Dr. S did a quick check and found that Dr. G did his crown prep differently.  Dr. S told me that since I wasn’t having any problem with the temporary, it would probably be better to wait until Dr. G was back in town to have the permanent applied.  He was concerned that since his way of setting the crown was different, I might start having problems with the permanent wanting to come loose.  I was okay with this, and really glad for the honesty.

Yesterday, I got a call to remind me about the appointment I had for today.  The call started with me being told, “Um…Dr. G has left our practice with no warning, so you’ll be seeing Dr. S.”  Fortunately, Dr. S had called Dr. G and found out how best to place the permanent.

So, if you’ve managed to follow all that, you’ll see that I have managed to have the same dentist bail on me twice now.  The boy referred to the situation as a sign.  And I’m afraid I have to acknowledge that he is probably right.  I’m going to just have to let Super Dentist go bye-bye (he really was the most amazing dentist I’ve ever encountered.  Even my parents would agree and they’ve had loads more dental work done than I have).  Fortunately, I really liked Dr. S, so here’s hoping he doesn’t quit the practice before he’s supposed to do my filling.

Otherwise, I’ll have to assume I’m cursed…

4 comments on “The Dentist Curse

  • Dearest awesome young lady, I was so happy to receive your latest Blog entry today via my e-mail— I’ve missed reading the things that you have to say!! I was afraid I might have lost you, and did you know that your blog title isn’t listed on the page of “The Bloggess” anymore? (which
    Was where I lucked into reading you for the first time, and then would go to, in order to access your writings when I wanted to re-immerse myself in your wonderful musings, and suddenly, couldn’t, you wuz not there!) Would just like to encourage you to please write more and all about the wonderful new job that you seem to be so suited in, you could always write it in the position of an anonymous bystander, looking in to the occasional blood-or-tear-stained cubicle from a safe distance of course, no one patient body fluid being distinguishable from another’s on the great windowsill of life….so no (what-a-crock,- but- don’t-get-me-started!–lol!!) upsetting of the HIPPA folks….. And we all of us are dying to hear all about the developing relationship between !!you! And “Him-Specialness”! (Aka: “The Boy”!! I am so happy to watch your friendship being developed—- please don’t feel like you are boring any of us who follow your every word and discontinue your insights into your world, that please the rest of us who get to share them, and your happiness, vicariously! You are a gifted writer and I know I’m not the only one to recognize this! Keep sharing your fresh look at life!

    • Thank you! Yes, the ad on The Bloggess is a case of need vs. want. There were some financial things that came up in the last month and a half, and I had to let go of some things in my life that were financial wants, including my ad. However, I’m hopeful that I’ll get it up and going again here in a few months.

  • Oh, and P.S., as far as that hard-to-find-when-you-need-him-dentist goes? Forget this duck, sweetie, doctors that suddenly can’t be in the office when they’re supposed to be, and no one calls you a couple of days ahead and apologizes for having to reschedule you? This guy has a bad problem with getting along with bosses or co-workers, sounds to me, and is quitting jobs whenever someone says something that happens to piss him off.. You don’t need no Prima Donna, you need a good, solid, been-out-of-school-more-than-2-3- years dentist, and I strongly rec. a female one—- jus’ sayin’….speaking as a Dr. of 37 years who has seen a lot of the young hot shots come in, pitch fits, and go…..;)

    • Actually, he was a bit older and did get along with his staff quite well. In fact, they only had good things to say about him at my appointment yesterday. Even they were baffled by what had happened. However, like I said, I like the guy they put me with and think things are going to turn out okay 🙂

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