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Happiness Is…

Published September 9, 2012 by Malia

-Being able to sleep with the windows open.

-Mini Oreos and milk.

M*A*S*H on t.v.

-Being able to walk.

-Being able to Skype with family and friends who are hundreds of miles away.

-Being able to read.

-Peace and quiet.

-Having a job that doesn’t feel like work.

-Beautiful art.


Friday Night Questions

Published September 7, 2012 by Malia

-Why do kids up here not wear helmets when riding motorcycles or motorized scooters?

-Am I the only one who will automatically say (in a British accent), “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister.  I know”  when watching something and all of a sudden I realize that Penelope Wilton is in it?

-Who else wants to have a LOTR EE marathon on 9/22 to celebrate Bilbo & Frodo’s birthdays?

-Wouldn’t it be great to be able to teleport?

-Doesn’t the idea of Candy Corn Oreos just make you want to gag?

-Why do girls seem to think that tights are the same thing as pants?

-Doesn’t Gravity Falls seem like it’s not really a kid’s show?

-Wasn’t the Google logo amazing and  fun today?