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The Joy of Song

Published August 28, 2012 by Malia

I have a pile of homework that I’m slowly making my way through, so here are some videos to entertain you all.

First up, the U.S. Olympic Swim team lip syncing (some of them better than others) their way through Call Me Maybe.

Next, North Dakota Bois.  This is a pretty fair take on this state.  If that’s not enough reason to watch, Kristen Stewart has a “cameo” in it.

And finally, Jensen Ackles “performing” Eye of the Tiger on Supernatural.

And back to homework.

Friday Night Questions

Published August 11, 2012 by Malia

-Am I the only one who thought that the NASA scientists celebrating the landing on Curiosity was one of the most adorable things ever seen?  Follow up…Can you call scientists adorable?

-Does it seem that NBC spends more time than necessary showing Olympians in tears because they didn’t win or move on?

-Why haven’t I started packing yet?  Follow up…What should I pack?

-What can be done with stubborn hair that has a mind of its own?

-Why do my fingernails feel heavy when I put fingernail polish on them, but my toenails don’t feel heavy when I paint them?

-Why can’t people get it through their heads that no life (theirs or anyone else’s) is worth a text or call they send or receive while driving?

-Why does, “Call Me, Maybe” keep getting stuck in my head?