Recovering Drama Queen

Published May 22, 2014 by Malia

Sometimes I think I should have entitled this blog, “Confessions of a Drama Queen in Remission.”  It’s true.  I don’t like acknowledging it, but I’m a drama queen in recovery.  Seriously, there should be a support group.

Me: Hi, my name is Malia, and I’m a drama queen.  It’s been three days since my last episode.

Readers: Hi, Malia.

Yeah, I try not to let that side of me out very often, but it happens.  And, unfortunately, it’s like a snowball, once it gets rolling, everything in my sphere of reality gets super dramatic.  I end up freaking out about everything.

To my horror and embarrassment, the drama queen side of me resurfaced over the last weekend.  It was awful.  I didn’t even realize I was being a drama queen until Tuesday.  I’m absolutely terrified of spiders, and last fall a coworker put a fake one on my computer keyboard not realizing this.  I screamed, and as soon as I realized what it was fake I felt humiliated.  That was six months ago.  Tuesday, it happened again, but this time the fake spider was hidden under my keyboard.  Again, I screamed, and then I ran to the bathroom because I was so angry and humiliated (and I honestly thought I was going to start crying, and didn’t want my co-workers to see that).  I know being scared of spiders is a stupid, irrational fear.  Doesn’t stop me from being scared of them.

Now, there were plenty of other things that happened that led up to the realization that I was being a drama queen.  The fake spider was just the breaking point.  The point where I realized how much of an idiot I was being.  So, now I’m trying to mentally prepare myself to be calm, no matter what (much easier said than done).

Throughout my week of being a drama queen, the boy kindly put up with me.  He never once made me feel worse about it, and he was overall just pretty wonderful.  And now having not seen him since Sunday I miss him a lot.  Being a girl totally sucks sometimes.  It’s not that I’m clingy, I just genuinely miss him.  Thank heavens this isn’t a long distance relationship.

One comment on “Recovering Drama Queen

  • I’m sorry you got freaked out by the spider being put where you’d.
    have to come up on it and get the ;&&!@ scared out of you… I would have done a lot worse than you did, so don’t feel like you’re the only one who shrieks at inopportune moments of “shock-in-the-workplace”! Your coworkers like you, sweetie, or they wouldn’t be trying to torment you, lol! It’s now up to you and me to think of a good way to scare whoever-placed-Spidey-where-you-would-see-him-and-freak-out BACK, in spades!! How about putting one of those big plastic, totally realistic-appearing splops of fake dog shit on top of their key-board?? Or a whoopee-cushion under their chair seat cushion –childish -? But it will be such fun to see the pay-back unfold!! Malia, you are such a delight! Keep your smile on:) How come you don’t see your young gentleman except on the week-ends? If I had that much of a good thing…..( !!wheee!!) ( But then, I’m of a different generation, totally into sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll!!!

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