Stupidly Stubborn

Published March 25, 2014 by Malia

I think I’m going to have to go to the dentist this week.  I’ve been putting this off for two and a half years.  I really, REALLY don’t want to go.  However, I’m at the point that I realize the giant cavity is winning.

I have a wonderful dentist.  He really is pretty fantastic.  He’s always been incredibly gentle and kind, and definitely keeps the scariness to a minimum.  He even avoids making me feel even worse for being the worst possible patient on the planet.  I’m really lousy at dental hygiene, mostly due to forgetfulness (I’m not intentionally bad, I honestly forget).  Plus, whenever I get really stressed, the stress seems to attack my teeth before anything else.  It’s a bad combination.

The thing is, I know that this cavity is going to require me to either have a root canal or have the tooth pulled.  I don’t want to have the tooth pulled, but root canals are pretty much the most expensive thing on the planet.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but for me at the present it’s just not financially realistic to have one.  Which means I’ll have to have the thing pulled.  Which is why I’ve been living with the pain of a bad tooth for nearly 3 years.

It’s true, I may be a pain weenie, but when it comes down to it, I’m super stubborn.  Stubborn to the point of stupidity.  I had to take dental courses in vet tech school.  I know what an abscessed tooth is, and why it’s a bad thing.  I know that after 2.5 years, this tooth probably should have abscessed by now.  Which means I’ve had a grace period, but with the pain level I’m currently at,  I think that grace period is reaching its conclusion.

I just dread the thought of having another tooth pulled.

3 comments on “Stupidly Stubborn

  • Hey, Little Friend:). (I figured it would be ok with you to speak to you so familiarly because I’m lots older than you
    (like, “your-mom-age”!) How about trying this as a means of raising the $$ that you will need to get a root canal and a crown done on your long-suffering tooth: get yo’ smart self in “”, or “PlumFund” and make up a page explaining your problem : “Help the Tooth Fairy Find Malia…” or something to identify you as the one in the position of having to beg for money (truly, you do not need to be embarrassed about this, you do need the tooth fixed, not extracted, just because you can’t afford to have the recommended “right thing” done, to save it— read a few of the other postings on the site and you won’t feel so awkward about doing this, or so I hope!) Then, you specify how much money you will need to raise, and be sure to account for extra to cover the almost-10 percent fee that GoFundMe will charge you off the total amount you raise — you write a short synopsis of your problem tooth disaster and that gives your friends and whoever you share things on the Internet with – an idea of what is needed…. Then, you sign up and get your page set up, push some key to “Disseminate–or whatever term is up-to-date, here— and lo and behold, people all over the world will be helping you as well as your friends and family (I think you post notice that you’re doing this on your Facebook page, or send a mass e-mail (?) You need to do what the dentist recommends, to try to save the tooth, not just pull it! My dentist charges right at $1,900.00 for a root canal and a crown, I know because I thought I was going to have to have one in Jan., but then — thank you, Norman! (that is what God’s name has always been, to me) — after starting on antibiotics, the whole business cleared up and I’ve been symptom-free, ever since! So— set your goal high, Girl, and get your dentist to start you on some Augmentin or Clindamycin or Keflex, right away, Pre-procedure and I would rec. to continue for a week + , following. Go ahead and ask for $3,000.00, and don’t be shy if you need to ask for more, but please….. Let people who know you, and who would be glad to help you at least have the chance to do so! Forgive me if I’m being presumptuous, but I just thought of doing this as I’ve seen it work incredibly to help other people. Go read the story on GoFundMe — pets– titled “Help Gilbert the Greyhound Fight Cancer” by his owner, Lori Jade. GoFundMe/ is the site. She really writes beautifully, from her heart, and that is all you need to do, to let people know your need. Good-night from Ms. Verbose Oklahoma (lol!). (Mary Jane Sepmeier, in Ada, Oklahoma) (Aka “The Meth Capital Of The World”, which is one reason I got so freaked out at the thought of you losing teeth!!)

  • Don’t worry about getting 1 tooth pulled! At least you won’t be losing all of your teeth. Regular dental visits are very beneficial for your health. The more you put off those visits, the more expensive your treatment will be because it will require more. Good luck at your visit and don’t be nervous!

  • My dentist rule… unless it really hurts I have no reason to go.
    Makes me dizzy just thinking about going for a cleaning… my teeth look fine.. I saw them in the mirror a few minutes ago… why does someone need to pick and scrape on them?
    Sometimes I feel like they get in there and do some damage so I have to go back. UGH!!!

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