A Book List for Mila, Part 1

Published November 30, 2013 by Malia

So, I’ve been promising my friend Mila that I would compile a list of book recommendations for her.  I thought it would be fun to share the list with others as well.  By no means is this a complete list (or a long one, for that matter), but I’ve got to start somewhere.  Also, I’m not including some books that I know she has already read (like Lord of the Rings).  


Okay, stick with me, because by far this is going to be the silliest sounding book series I list.  This series follows the adventures of several different animals living in a medieval world.  The stories are brilliant and heartbreaking.


There are 40 books, so far, in this series.  The books cover everything from technology to insurance.  A very humorous take on serious fantasy novels.

The Wheel of Time

There are 14 books in this series, and it’s a very long, very detailed story.  I’ll be honest, I’ve not gotten very far in this book series.  However, what I’ve read has been quite excellent, and everyone I know who has finished it has really liked it.

A Song of Ice and Fire

This is a fantastic series, but be prepared to have your heart broken.  Don’t get attached to characters, because it’s likely they won’t survive.  A word of caution, this series doesn’t shy away from describing anything.  Definitely not child friendly.

-Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson’s Peter Pan Series

Initially, I didn’t want to read these books, because much as I love Dave Barry, I didn’t think the overall idea of an update to a classic story was a good idea.  I was wrong.  If anything, these books have made me love the original even more.

Okay, that does it for this week’s list.  I’m thinking I’ll make this a weekly thing, until I have shared all the books & series that I can come up with.

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