Friday Night Questions

Published October 27, 2012 by Malia

-Isn’t it amazing watching Lord of the Rings with someone who loves it just as much as you do?

-What’s up with the scene in The Hobbit trailer where Galadriel is tucking a strand of Gandalf’s hair behind his ear?

-Wouldn’t Orlando Bloom make a fantastic Errol Flynn?

-Wouldn’t people be horrified if they read the original versions of some of their favorite fairy tales?

-I think I asked this before, but it bugs me: Why is there such a push to make Tinkerbell seem like a nice fairy?  Why can’t they leave her as the nasty bit of work she actually is?

-In fact, why do people think fairies are nice?

-Who else is excited that The Hobbit is almost here?

2 comments on “Friday Night Questions

  • 4th item: yeah, I mean have you ever read the little mermaid?
    She sees a drowning prince and drags him onto the beach. Then leaves.
    A beautiful kind princess-y person comes along and sees prince dude. Calls for help and gets him back to the castle. Prince falls in love with girl for saving him.
    Meanwhile, mermaid has crush on prince, asks sea-witch-lady to give her legs. Sea-witch needs something in return. Mermaid gives her voice.
    If the mermaid doesn’t get the prince to kiss her within 7 days she dies at the dawn of the 8th day.
    Mermaid surfaces, with no idea how she’s going to get the prince to love her. Especially considering he is ALREADY IN LOVE AND ENGAGED. So 7 days go past and she can’t get his attention.
    Night of the 7th day, her sisters appear at the surface off the water, all bald. They say they gave their hair so the seawitch would give them a magic dagger. If the mermaid stabs the prince with the dagger she won’t die at dawn.
    Mermaid takes the dagger, but decides not to kill the man she loves and throws it our to sea. Then dies as the sun comes up.
    So the little mermaid is selfish, trying to win the affection of an already engaged man, and wastes her sisters’ gift which they sacrificed so much to get her.

    I don’t know who Errol Flynn is, but YES to item 1 and 7.

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