Those were the days, my friends…

Published October 25, 2012 by Malia

I was born in the mid-80’s, but I don’t remember much about them beyond:




True story, I honestly believed the Noid was real.  When my grandparents would come visit my grandma would tell me to call to order pizza, and apparently I would use my toy telephone and “call” Domino’s.  According to my mom, the conversation would go, “Hello?  Noid?  Bring pizza!”  While I made my “call” someone else would actually call Domino’s.  Thus, the belief in the Noid was firmly cemented in my brain, until we moved to small town Illinois when I was four, and there was no Domino’s; just a Dairy Dipper.


The time I could have gotten crushed by a refrigerator.  Fortunately, it just wasn’t my time yet.

However, while I may not have been super aware of pop-culture, or really any culture, in the 80’s, I do remember the 90’s.  Here’s just a few things I remember…


First boy band I was aware of:

I don’t remember actually hearing any of their music, but I do remember going over to my friend Krissy’s house, and she had their poster, album, and I’m thinking she had their dolls.  (Keep in mind, this happened 20 years ago, so I could totally be misremembering the dolls).


Nylon Windsuits:

I had a couple different ones of these.  They were great, and pretty comfortable.



I really miss Surge.  It was a great soda!  About the only time I ever got to have it was at camp.  I don’t remember it making me super-hyper, but then again caffeine usually works opposite the way it’s supposed to on me.


The Best Computer Game:

Okay, in light of the games available now, this probably doesn’t look that fun, but back in elementary school playing this on the Apple 2 was so much fun!  This was before the internet was widely available.




Great PBS kid’s shows:



When I was 9 and trying to die from pneumonia (I wish I was making that up, I actually almost died), I remember one night my dad was watching me, and he willingly played this game with me.  My dad rocks!


The Best Playground Equipment

At some point, while I was growing up, these were just some of the pieces of playground equipment that were deemed dangerous and removed from playgrounds.


Great Comic Strips:

Both of these strips came to an end in the mid-90’s.  They were both great strips.


The show that still gives me the creeps:


There’s plenty of other things I remember, but I’ll end this post with this:

As already mentioned, my dad’s pretty awesome.  This Beanie, Prickles the Hedgehog, got released a few days before Valentine’s Day.  To surprise me, my dad stood in line for hours to get this Beanie, and then he and mom gave it to me for Vanetine’s.  Probably the best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever received.


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