Olympic Fatigue

Published August 4, 2012 by Malia

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the biggest sports fan.  I don’t usually, voluntarily, sit for hours on end watching people play with balls.  All that changes, though, when it comes to the Olympics.  I love the Olympics!  I love watching sports that typically don’t get a lot of press.  I love the soft human interest stories.  I cry when the underdog wins.  I cry when our (USA) athletes do phenomenal. I cheer for the girl’s gymnastics team, and for Michael Phelps to win just one more medal.  (Seriously, they should just put him on all the cereal boxes at this point.)  However,  I think I’ve hit an Olympic sized wall.

Tonight, I was disheartened by the bad sportsmanship of the commentators during the women’s volleyball game.  The U.S. ladies were playing Serbia, and one of the commentators read something that one of the U.S. coaches had said regarding Serbia  being a worthy team to play against.  The commentator then went on this tangent about how he thought that the coach must be drinking the Kool-Aid, because some teams just aren’t worthy.  Seriously?  Sure, I was cheering for the U.S., but I wasn’t sitting there thinking, “Serbia should’ve  just stayed home, they look ridiculous.”  I can tell you that all those girls on the Serbia team are a million times better at volleyball than I am (granted, that’s not probably the best comparison).  Considering how far they’d gotten in these games, they deserved more respect than that commentator gave them.

My other issue tonight, the one that told me that I probably need a break, was the fact that when I saw they were going to show Men’s Trampoline finals, I couldn’t wait to see them, and was over the top disappointed when they only showed 5 minutes of the competition.  I enjoy watching the trampoline routines.  They’re scary, but so much fun.  I guess NBC only showed what they did because we had no one in medal contention, but still, they shouldn’t have listed it and kept mentioning it for such a brief showing.

I’ll be back watching them tomorrow night, but I’ll be taking a break during the day.

It occurred to me today that I’ve only got two more weeks at home before heading back north.  I’ve got to pack, and get my last hang out times in with my friends and family.  I’m really looking forward to this next school year, but I’m also incredibly nervous.  I know I shouldn’t be, but in some ways school is much more intimidating when you’re older than when you’re fresh out of high school.

Now, it’s time for sleep.

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