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My dream house is less Pinterest approved and more Batman approved.

Published May 22, 2021 by Malia

There is so much I should be doing right now. There are several laundry baskets full of clean clothes waiting to be put away. The sink is full of dishes that need to be dealt with. I have piles of pretty paper I need to slice up to become inserts for cards. I have a blanket that I’m crocheting.

Instead of doing any of that, I’m sitting here contemplating why the majority of humans decided to live in houses, rather than in caves.

I would love to live in either a cave or an abandoned missile silo that’s been refurbished. Maybe I’ve just lived through way too many tornados. Houses just seems so fragile.

Anyway, not much else to report on this end. Hopefully everyone is having a pleasant, disease-free weekend!

I Have Now Seen “Sharknado” And It Totally Lived Up To My Expectations

Published August 7, 2014 by Malia

Granted, it helps that my expectations were phenomenally low.  Almost non-existent.  Basically, I was expecting a really campy movie filled with sharks and tornadoes.  Which is exactly what I got.

I have to give the boy major props here, because not only did he put Sharknado on the DVR (after I told him that there was no way I’d ever understand the subtle nuances & intricate plot details in Sharknado 2 unless I saw the original), but he actually sat through the epic amazingness/awfulness with me.

I will say that despite the many  flaws (including a complete lack of understanding of how both water and tornadoes work), and the generally bad acting; Sharknado was a much better film than most films I’ve seen SyFy put out.  However, I really would have liked more tornadoes.  Maybe Sharknado 2 will fill that void for me.

I am kind of concerned now, though, because while watching, I learned that the boy hasn’t got a chainsaw, or a helicopter, or any explosives.  I’m really not sure what we’re going to do when this totally realistic weather event hits the Midwest.

There’s no news, like snow news?

Published February 4, 2014 by Malia

I live in Nebraska.  Home of really bizarre weather.  And, this winter has been no exception to the rule.  We’ve yo-yo’ed from the mid-50’s to the negatives in less than 24 hours on a pretty regular basis this winter.  Surprisingly, we’ve been rather on the slim side when it comes to snow.  Today we’ve been getting the first real, “epic” snow of the year.  Along with serious snow comes lots and lots of updates from the various news stations regarding the snow.  Which I find to be weird.

I understand when there’s thunderstorms and the news needs to update us on the severity and if there’s tornadic activity/possibility.  I don’t understand why they feel the need to do the same for snow.  If I want to see what it looks like outside, I’ll look out the window.   I do no’t need to see the live camera footage of the conditions outside.  It snows here at some point every winter; if you can’t figure out what snow is or that it can be dangerous to drive on, it may be time for you to move somewhere warmer.  Like Tahiti.