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Just a Typical Monday

Published January 8, 2018 by Malia

Y’know that scene in “Two Weeks Notice” where Sandra Bullock orders a pile of Chinese food and then goes, “It’s for one.”? Yeah, I just recreated that scene, except I ordered online because online ordering lets me customize what does & doesn’t happen to my food, and I can pretend that I’m ordering for a group of people, and not just me. Now I’m waiting with great anticipation for my food to get here.

And a few minutes ago my bestie, Alyssa was in our group chat and said, “I had to draw a fish for work. I might be an overachiever….” and then she sent us this picture:

I’m in awe of her free hand skills. I knew she could draw, but I’ve only ever seen her anime style drawing.

And now my food is here! Time to figure out where the boy hid my tv tray in all the remodelling mess we’ve got going on.