A 4 a.m. rant about lancets.

Published January 18, 2018 by Malia

Um…no. I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but the “special contact mask” does NOT distract attention from the fact that I’m literally pushing a freaking needle into my finger. Y’know what would be great? How about a button that triggers the needle, instead of some fancy extra bit of plastic that has a ridiculous, super-impressed with itself name? There are days that I find myself staring at my fingers going, “Which one of you is gonna be the victim?” and then it takes me minutes to talk myself into pushing the needle into my finger. Sometimes the fact my stupid fat fingers require me to not use fine lancets make me truly sad.

2 comments on “A 4 a.m. rant about lancets.

  • Look for a lancet device that you can adjust the force of the spring. Ask your doc – they may have samples. You might also try other locations – doesn’t have to be a fingertip. Forearms and palms also make good locations.

    • I’ve got a lancet device that is adjustable, but I never could get it to go deep enough to get any blood. These push lancets always get me blood on the first try, so that has made them very appealing.
      I didn’t know, I could use my palm or forearm. That’s really good to know. Thanks!

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