Even Netflix isn’t safe

Published January 3, 2018 by Malia

Have you noticed the new thing Netflix is doing? When I pick something to watch, they’ve started running previews for other things that I could be watching. I can, and do, skip the preview but they still start the preview before I actually get to start the thing that I picked.

Now, I understand the thinking behind this marketing. They want to make me aware of these other programs that they have, ones that I may not know about. But, I have a really hard time making decisions and if Netflix would just check their data, they’d see I spend way more time digging through their offerings trying to pick something, than I actually spend watching anything. So, these little previews that come up as soon as I’ve made my decision are almost like Netflix is saying, “Yeah, we don’t think you made a good choice. Here, watch Dave Chapelle instead.”

Because this is such a new thing, I keep forgetting that I’m going to have a preview come up. So, I’ll make my selection, and then am confused and surprised (and not the good kind of surprised, it’s more of a, “This really doesn’t look like Fuller House. Did I select the wrong thing? Why can’t I operate a remote correctly??? THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” panicked surprise) when something else starts playing. It’s not until I notice the little box in the lower corner of the screen with my show in it that I realize I’m watching a preview.

So, yeah, it’s very much a first world problem, but I swear Netflix has figured out how to make my constant indecision even worse.

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