Why I went to the ER on Sunday Night (Podcast Ep. 5)

Published June 22, 2016 by Malia

I realize that I haven’t updated in a while, but that doesn’t mean life has been boring.  In this episode, I talk about how I ended up in the ER, realizing I’m probably too old for crazy road trips, X-Men, and old timey letters.  Fun will be had by all!  The following link will take you to the episode:



One comment on “Why I went to the ER on Sunday Night (Podcast Ep. 5)

  • Oh, Malia, I have just listened to the first part of your 5th Podcast episode, and I have to just stop and look at you and grab your hands and WE START JUMPING UP AND DOWN TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME AND SO THEN WE JUST START SCREAMING ALL AT THE SAME TIME, you know???! I am loving this form of communication with you so much!!! I just got to the part where you talk about Stephen King’s son’s scary +++ new book and it was too exciting I had to stop and tell you keep talking, keep writing, you will have a book out and I am so so glad you are in the literary field you are a kindred soul!! Love and Big hug!!! mjs

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