A Book List For Mila, Pt. 2

Published December 7, 2013 by Malia

This week I present a random jumble of books I thought of during the week!

The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This is the best $3 I have ever spent on a book.  It’s a book of fictional correspondence between an author and various residents of Guernsey.  It tells the story of the German occupation during WWII, and as charming as the novel is, it certainly does nothing to romanticize the history.

Jane Eyre


If I had to pick an all time, #1 favorite novel, this would be it.  This was the first “real” novel I ever read, and it has amazed me how every time I read it, it’s completely fresh.  Even though I know what’s going to happen.  So, what’s it about?  It’s a memoir of an orphan.  She talks about growing up in a relatively loveless environment, but the story really picks up when she goes off and becomes a governess at mysterious Thornfield Hall, employed by the even more mysterious Mr. Rochester.  This is a love story, morality story, and mystery novel all rolled into one.


This is the 20th century update of Jane Eyre.  Extremely creepy, with a decent amount of suspense.  The book starts at the end of the story, and you take a journey in order to learn what leads to the narrator stating, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”  Every time I read it, I find myself changing my mind as to whether or not it’s a ghost story.  Also, you must read it because Mrs. Danvers is one of the most overlooked villains (at least in my opinion) of all time.  She’s conniving, manipulative, and pretty much a psycho.

Death Comes As The End

This is my all time favorite Christie novel.  I don’t think it’s very well known, but it’s definitely worth a read.  It takes place in ancient Egypt, and all within one family.  Family members start dying off horribly, and the whodunit presents a cast of suspects that even includes a ghost (and you totally accept it because it actually makes logical sense).

The Scarlet Pimpernel

I would list this as my #2 favorite novel of all time (it’s a tie with Lord of the Rings, which I know is a trilogy, but Tolkien meant it to be one novel, and that’s how I’ve always viewed it).  British aristocrat has a band of followers (other British aristocrats) that help smuggle French aristocrats out of France.  Leader of band is married to French actress who may or may not still be faithful to the French revolution.  There’s romance!  There’s intrigue!  There’s pepper!  See, now you’re intrigued.  You’re thinking, “Why did she mention pepper?  Is it important?”  And it’s going to drive you crazy until you read it and find out for yourself.

The Phantom of the Opera

Long before the musical or movies, there was the novel.  For non-musical fans, the novel involves a lot less singing.  However, it presents a wonderful view of the Paris opera, while also serving up a pretty fantastically creepy plot.

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