Old People Smell

Published January 9, 2013 by Malia

This may sound weird, but I’ve discovered that I can tell if a specimen is from an old folks home even before I check the paperwork.  If it’s from an old folks home, as soon as I open the bag, I’m assaulted by nursing home smell.  If you’ve never smelled a nursing home, then you’re fortunate.  That smell alone is enough to keep me from ever wanting to end up in one of those places.

While on my breaks and lunches I’ve been working my way through the Percy Jackson series.  So far I’ve finished the first two books, and tonight I started on book 3.  I read the first book a few years ago, after seeing the movie, but never got around to the others.  I’m sorry I didn’t read them before.  I think they’re a fantastic take on Greek mythology, and a really excellent introduction to it if you know minimal about it.  I’m super excited for the second film to be released (which is supposed to happen later this year).

I’m pretty pumped that I’ve survived my first half a week of work.  I’m struggling to wrap my head around the fact that I really am employed, and not just on an internship.  I’m not sure it’s going to sink in until I’ve been there a few months.  I find it really entertaining that whenever I meet another employee and they realize I’m new, the first thing they say is, “You’re going to love it here!”  I’m not kidding, I’ve gotten this from everyone I’ve met (lab people, billing people, custodial people, you get the idea).  So far, I really do.  I love that it’s a busy job, but people are pleasant to each other and don’t seem to let the stress be building up to an explosive point.

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