One comment on “Friday Night Questions

  • And another old post I’m commenting on…

    I can’t tell you why fish are fascinating, but I think they are only that while they are swimming. Maybe they have some kind of hypnotism going on in their movements…
    When they, however, lay dead on a plate I consider them to be rather creepy…

    No, you are by far not the only person who enjoys trailers. I personally think they are the best part of going to the cinema besides the movie itself – well, in most cases.
    I just sometimes am confused as to what kind of trailers they decide to show before which movie…
    I don’t remember what I watched, but I think it was an animation flick (maybe Hotel Transilvania) and there was a trailer for something that looked like it would be relatively bloody and not really suitable for kids…I believe it was the evening screening of the movie, but still…

    While most of the (old) Disney princesses are 16, there are a few that are younger and some even older. I found this list to be quite interesting – and a bit disturbing – when I first read it: Age of Disney Princesses

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