A bit of this, a bit of that

Published September 20, 2012 by Malia

So, I’m a bit of a loss for what to write about tonight.  Therefore, I’m going to share a small smidgen of a snippet of something I’ve been working on off and on for the last several years.

Story Snippet

               The light of the moon streamed through minute breaks in the forest canopy.  A cool breeze gently rustled the leaves, and far off in the distance an owl could be heard.  The summer night was calm.

Hidden in the depths of the  hollowed shell of a tree, she watched carefully.  Searching the shadows.  Such frightening secrets the shadows hid, but she didn’t fear them.  No, she knew what she feared, and it didn’t creep amongst the shadows.

She narrowed her eyes.  Something was moving along attempting to stay in the shadows, but not completely succeeding.  It was moving towards her.   She only had moments to decide on her move.  Taking a silent breath, she darted forward into the shadows, dagger drawn.

The element of surprise was on her side.  She pinned the intruder against a tree, her blade pressed not-so-gently against his throat.  “Just try to scream.   It’ll be your last.”  She whispered coldly.  His eyes were wide with fear.  She could feel his body shaking.  “Don’t expect me to fall for that,” she taunted, “I know who you are.  I know your tricks.”

The intruder stopped trembling, and he gave her a malicious grin, “Then you know who I serve, and you know how she’ll respond when I tell her I was accosted in the forest.  She’ll be most interested to know of the goings-on here.   All of the goings-on.”

She pushed the dagger so hard, she saw a small trickle of blood.  He gasped in shock, and the fear that crept back into his eyes was real.  She spoke quietly, making sure he heard every word.  Though she doubted he would go looking for more trouble, still she silently followed him to the edge of the forest.  Then she turned back and began the return to safety.

(c) 2012 M.L.

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