The Fun of Getting Older

Published August 10, 2012 by Malia

This afternoon I was talking with my friend (the one with the adorable baby) and she mentioned how excited she is for The Hobbit.  I’m equally excited, and this led to the conversation of how amazingly fun it’d be to go to the midnight release.  It’d be awesome to see people in their costumes, and to be in the theater hearing people clap and cheer anytime there’s anything in the movie that funny or amazing.  Unfortunately, once you get past 25, going to a midnight movie becomes something that you don’t bounce back from easily.  Sure, it’s no big deal staying up until midnight, but usually the movie lasts at least two hours (and if Lord of the Rings is any indicator, Hobbit will be at least three hours).  This means that if you have to be anywhere first thing in the morning, you will get limited sleep which will severely limit your functionality.  This isn’t a terrible thing, but I’ve discovered that most bosses don’t appreciate it if you come to work as a zombie on a day that’s not Halloween.  Well, there’s still a few months to decide, and whether I see it at midnight or a few days later, I can’t wait!

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