I will be the first to say, I am not very girly.  I prefer jeans and a nerdy t-shirt to a nice top or a dress.  My hair is usually a disaster because I don’t bother to do much more than run a comb through it.  Despite this, I adore having pretty nails.  Unfortunately, when I’m really stressed/anxious, I bite my nails…which means my nails are always painfully short and jagged.  It’s not pretty.  Growing up, I always longed to paint my nails, and my mom made me a deal.  If I would stop biting my nails, I could get nail polish.  I wanted it so much, that I did give up the biting, only to discover that nail polish takes FOREVER to dry, is super easy to smudge and chip, and is generally more of a hassle than it’s worth.  So, I went back to being a nail biter.  Then in early 2014 something awesome happened…

A friend invited me to a Facebook party for something called “Jamberry.”  Taking a look at the party and the product, I was super skeptical.  Sure, the product was pretty, but I was convinced that the wraps would be impossible to apply to my nails, and even if I got them on, they’d probably pop off immediately.  Another friend of mine had just become a consultant, and she offered to send me some accent wraps to try.  They were free, and I figured it didn’t hurt to give them a shot.  Here’s what I discovered:

-The wraps are very long lasting.  On average I get 2-3 weeks out of a manicure (jamicure).  I actually managed to get a jamicure to last over a month last fall, but it wasn’t looking too pretty by the time I finally changed it.  Usually, I change my jamicure when I get bored with it.

-Occasionally, I will be in too much of a hurry to apply, and won’t get the wrap on the best.  Those are the only wraps I’ve had that have come off within a few days.  Even so, I’ve only had that happen twice, and that’s impressive considering that I have worn wraps consistently for almost two solid years.

-Most wraps are $15 for a sheet (the premium ones, i.e. Disney, Marvel, etc… are $18).  That may seem like a lot (or at least it did to me), but here’s what that $15/$18 gets you: 18 wraps.  You can get 2 complete jamicures out of that, plus at least 2 pedicures.  Or, if you’re like me, you get even more out of it because I like to mix and match my wraps.  Rarely do I do a whole jamicure that is just one set.

And here’s a few of the jamicures I’ve done:





So, I’m going to make the offer here that my friend made to me.  If you’re curious about Jamberry, or if you think I’m just spouting a sales pitch, check out my website https://maliaemary.jamberry.com, then send me an e-mail with your name and address to: malia.emary@gmail.com, and I’ll send you a sheet of accent wraps.  The only catch is, when you get the wraps, apply them and paint the non-wrapped nails with polish.  Leave both on for seven days and take pictures of Day 1 and Day 7 and post the pictures in the comments below.

(If you live outside the U.S.-in Canada, Mexico, or the U.K.-& want to try the wraps, I’ll get you in touch with a consultant from your country.)

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